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Kris Kemist is a British record producer and founder of the UK based independent label Reality Shock Records[1] who has worked with vocalists such as Errol Dunkley, Fred Locks, Macka B, Earl Sixteen and Tippa Irie amongst others; releasing eight albums and 22 vinyl records to date.[2]


Kris Kemist began his musical career managing Jamaican reggae singer Mikey Murka in the early 2000s.[3] In 2003,[4] he launched Reality Shock Records, originally working with reggae artists Deadly Hunta, Aqua Livi, Smiley, Errol Bellot and Afrikan Simba. His label went on to release a string of records and albums including a compilation entitled Reality Shock Volume 1 (2008).[5]

Kris Kemist's reggae influenced productions are described as "heavy enough for the UK dub rigs, yet melodic enough for home listening" in a BBC review of his 2010 album Solo Banton – Walk Like Rasta.[6] In the summer of 2011, Kemist's production featuring vocals by the Canadian reggae singer Tony Anthony reached number 1 in the Italian Reggae Chart,[7] and number 2 in the New York Chart.[8]

Productions such as 'YT – Express Yourself' and 'Luciano – Bear Jah Fruit' were played by David Rodigan (MBE) on Kiss FM and BBC Radio 1Xtra[9][10] [11]

As well as producing for Reality Shock, Kris Kemist has also recorded vocalists and mixed tracks for several other labels including Mungos Hifi's/Scotch Bonnet (UK) Jahtari (GER)[12] and Jahmanican Records (FR).[13]

In 2016, Kris Kemist produced and released a various artists reggae album featuring new artists he had not previously released before; introducing newcomer Rudie Rich who had his song "Teach Dem" from the album premiered exclusively by BBC Radio Berkshire.[14][15]


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