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Kris Lefcoe is a Canadian film writer and director based in New York City. Born in Montreal, Quebec, Lefcoe graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in philosophy, before attending Norman Jewison's Canadian Film Centre as a Director Resident. Many of Lefcoe's films are dark comedies about contemporary culture.

Kris Lefcoe wrote, directed and produced the feature film Public Domain, starring Don McKellar, Nicole DeBoer (The Dead Zone) and Jason Jones (The Daily Show). Public Domain premiered at South by Southwest film festival[1] and won the Audience Award for Best Feature at the Beverly Hills Film Festival.[2] Public Domain was featured in a curated program at Art Basel Miami Beach.

Lefcoe wrote and directed a number of notable short films, including Can I Get a Witness?, starring Scott Speedman, which premiered at Toronto International Film Festival, Symptomology of a Rock Band, about the Grammy-nominated band Crash Test Dummies, and Tiny Riot Project, which screened at Rotterdam Film Festival [3] and was sold to The Sundance Channel.[4]

Kris Lefcoe has directed numerous music videos, including Best Music Video at Ottawa International Animation Festival.[5]


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