Kris Sakti

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Kris Sakti
Royal Malaysian Air Force
Active 2011 (debut on Langkawi International Maritime and Air Show 2011)
Country  Malaysia
Branch  Royal Malaysian Air Force
Type Aerobatic display team
Size Four pilots
Aircraft flown
Trainer 4 Extra 300L aircraft

The Kris Sakti (English: Magic Dagger) is the aerobatic display team of the Royal Malaysian Air Force.It makes its debut on 2011 Langkawi International Maritime and Air Show in December 2011.


Prior to the founding of the team, the Royal Malaysian Air Force relies on their Fighter Jets (MiG-29, F/A-18D & Su-30 Flanker) and Pilatus PC-7 of "Taming Sari" team for acrobatic acts. On 19 November, The Ministry of Defense has announced the creation of an acrobatic team, and the team will be a joint initiative between the private sector and the government.


During its debut on LIMA 2011, they operated four Extra 300L aircraft.