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Krishnapura is also the name of a settlement in Barisal District, Bangladesh.
Mukyaprana Temple at Krishnapur matha
Krishnapura is located in Karnataka
Location in Karnataka, India
Coordinates: 13°00′13″N 74°48′42″E / 13.0036378°N 74.8115516°E / 13.0036378; 74.8115516Coordinates: 13°00′13″N 74°48′42″E / 13.0036378°N 74.8115516°E / 13.0036378; 74.8115516
Country India
State Karnataka
 • Official Kannada
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)

Krishnapura (Tulu, Kannada: ಕೃಷ್ಣಾಪುರ ) is a village located 3 kilometres near Surathkal and comes under the authority of the Mangalore City Corporation, Karnataka, India.


The original inhabitants of this area settled mostly around Krishnapur Matha. Before the 1970s, much of the area was covered with evergreen forests consisting mostly of ebony trees. The government took over land mostly belonging to Krishnapur Matha and handed it over for rehabitation of evacuee's affected by project of new sea port at Panambur. Many residents of this place were relocated from Panambur, when the New Mangalore Port Trust was established.[citation needed] In 1969 the families situated at Baikampady were rehabilitated at Krishnapur and were given house sites at the price of 12.5 cents each.

Krishnapur Matha[edit]

Main article: Krishnapur Matha

Krishnapura is the home of the Krishnapur Matha, one of eight mathas founded by Dvaita philosopher Shri Madhvacharya.

Other places of interest[edit]

The Vishvanatha temple was built in Krishnapur in 1960. There is also a small chapel where Christians of Krishnapur, Surathkal, Katipalla gather each Sunday for prayers and worship. The chapel was built in 1997 and is currently under renovation.