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Krista Muir is a Canadian indie rock singer-songwriter. She initially used the stage name and persona of Lederhosen Lucil, but in 2007, she also began recording and performing under her own name.

Muir was born in Kingston, Ontario, and went to University in Montreal, Quebec. As a child she took piano lessons and listened to music such as The Ramones, The Clash and The Pet Shop Boys. She also watched the television show Pee Wee's Playhouse almost religiously and regards Pee Wee Herman as one of her greatest idols.

She plays two vintage Yamaha keyboards while singing to produce a variety of music stylings.


  • Lederhosen Lucil... Let's Hose! (1999)
  • Frözen Hosen (2000)
  • Hosemusik (2002)
  • Music To Climb Stairs By (2003)
  • Tales From the Pantry (2003)
  • Apricota (2004)
  • Leave Alight (2007)
  • Accidental Railway (2008)
  • Between Atoms[1] (2011)
  • Guten Tag Gemini[2] (2013)


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