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Kristen Kish
Kristen Kish.png
Kristen Kish poses with a fan at the Barbara Lynch restaurant, Menton, in Boston, MA.
Born (1983-12-01) December 1, 1983 (age 35) [1]
EducationLe Cordon Bleu College Of Culinary Arts in Chicago (A.A., Culinary Arts, 2005) [1]
Culinary career

Kristen Kish is a Korean-born chef best known for winning Season 10 of Top Chef. She was formerly chef de cuisine at Menton in the Fort Point neighborhood of Boston. She is also a host of a TV show called 36 Hours.

Early life and education[edit]

Kristen Kish was born in Seoul, South Korea, and adopted by a family in Kentwood, Michigan, at the age of four months.[2] She worked as a model in high school.[3] She attended Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago, earning an A.A. in culinary arts.


Kish became an instructor at Stir, a culinary demonstration kitchen in Boston, Massachusetts. In 2012, Kish was promoted to Stir's chef de cuisine by the owner, Barbara Lynch. She was the chef de cuisine at Barbara Lynch's Menton Boston until March 2014.[3] In 2017, she released a book of recipes co-authored with Meredith Erickson, Kristen Kish Cooking: Recipes and Techniques.[4] In May 2018, Kish became chef at her new restaurant Arlo Grey in Austin, Texas.

Top Chef[edit]

Kish competed in Bravo's Top Chef in 2012. She made it into the main competition by surviving a soup challenge judged by Emeril Lagasse. She won four elimination challenges, creating dishes as varied as French cuisine and onion rings, before being eliminated during "Restaurant Wars" (episode 11). She was able to cook her way back into the main competition with five wins in "Last Chance Kitchen", making it to the finale with Brooke Williamson. In the finale, Kish was crowned the Top Chef, becoming the first competitor to win after winning "Last Chance Kitchen" and the second female winner in the history of the Top Chef franchise.

36 Hours[edit]

In 2015 Kish co-hosted the pilot season of 36 Hours, a series on the Travel Channel with Kyle Martino, a TV analyst and former soccer player. The show, an adaptation of the New York Times travel column of the same name, follows Kish and Martino as they spend 36 hours eating, drinking, and exploring a given city.[5]

Personal life[edit]

On March 28, 2014, Kish publicly came out[clarification needed] after announcing the one year anniversary of the relationship with her girlfriend at the time, Jacqueline Westbrook, over Instagram.[6]


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