Kristianstad County

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Kristianstad County
Kristianstads län
County of Sweden
1719–1996 Skåne län vapen.svg

Coat of arms of Kristianstads län

Coat of arms
Location of Kristianstads län
Kristianstads län (Green) before 1997 within the current Skåne län
Capital Kristianstad
 •  Established 1719
 •  Disestablished 31 December 1996

Kristianstad County (Swedish: Kristianstads län) was a county of Sweden from 1719 to 31 December 1996 when it was merged with Malmöhus County to form Skåne County.

The seat of residence for the Governor was in Kristianstad.

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Coordinates: 56°01′50″N 14°09′30″E / 56.0306°N 14.1583°E / 56.0306; 14.1583