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Kristin Hannah
BornSeptember 25, 1960[1]
Garden Grove, California, U.S.A.
Period1991 - present

Kristin Hannah (born September 25, 1960) is an American writer. Her most notable works include Winter Garden, The Nightingale, Firefly Lane, The Great Alone, and The Four Winds.


Kristin Hannah was born in California. After she graduated with a degree in communication from the University of Washington, she worked at an advertising agency in Seattle. She graduated from the University of Puget Sound law school and practiced law in Seattle before becoming a full-time writer. Hannah wrote her first novel with her mother, who was dying of cancer at the time; the book was never published.[2]

Hannah's best-selling work is The Nightingale, which has sold over 4.5 million copies worldwide and has been published in 45 languages.[3][4]

Hannah lives on Bainbridge Island, Washington,[5] with her husband and their son.


Standalone novels[edit]

  • A Handful of Heaven (July 1991)
  • The Enchantment (June 1992)
  • Once in Every Life (December 1992)
  • If You Believe (December 1993)
  • When Lightning Strikes (October 1994)
  • Waiting for the Moon (September 1995)
  • Home Again (October 1996)
  • On Mystic Lake (February 1999)
  • Angel Falls (April 2000)
  • Summer Island (March 2001)
  • Distant Shores (July 2002)
  • Between Sisters (April 2003)
  • The Things We Do for Love (June 2004)
  • Comfort and Joy (October 2005)
  • Magic Hour (February 2006)
  • Firefly Lane (2008)
  • True Colors (2009)
  • Winter Garden (2010)
  • Night Road (March 2011)
  • Home Front (2012)
  • Fly Away (2013)
  • The Nightingale (2015)
  • The Great Alone (2018)
  • The Four Winds (2021)


  • On Mystic Lake / Summer Island (2005)
  • Firefly Lane / Fly Away (2008, 2013)

Anthologies in collaboration[edit]

Film and TV[edit]

Three of Hannah's novels have been optioned for films: Home Front,[6] The Nightingale,[7] and The Great Alone.[3]

Firefly Lane was turned into a Netflix original series, starring Sarah Chalke and Katherine Heigl, which premiered on February 3rd, 2021.[8]

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