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Kristin Estella Lauter is an American mathematician and cryptographer whose research interest is broadly in application of number theory and algebraic geometry in cryptography. She is particularly known for her work in the area of elliptic curve cryptography. She is currently a researcher and the head of the Cryptography Group at Microsoft Research in Redmond, Washington.[1] Lauter became the President-Elect of the Association for Women in Mathematics in February 2014.[2]

Lauter received her Bachelor of Arts, Master of Science, and Ph.D, all in mathematics, from the University of Chicago, in 1990, 1991, and 1996, respectively. Prior to joining Microsoft, she held positions as a visiting scholar at Max Planck Institut fur Mathematik in Bonn, Germany (1997), T.H. Hildebrandt research assistant professor at the University of Michigan (1996-1999), and a visiting researcher at Institut de Mathematiques Luminy in France (1999).[3][4]

Lauter and her coauthors were awarded the Selfridge Prize at ANTS VIII for their paper Computing Hilbert Class Polynomials.[5] She belongs to the 2015 class of Fellows of the American Mathematical Society; on her invitation, she was recognized "for contributions to arithmetic geometry and cryptography as well as service to the community".[6]