Kristin Sigurdsdatter

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Kristin Sigurdsdatter
Born c. 1125
Died c. 1178 (aged 52–53)
Spouse Erling Skakke
Issue Magnus V of Norway
Old Norse Kristin Sigurðardóttir
House Hardrada
Father Sigurd I of Norway
Mother Malmfred of Kiev

Kristin Sigurdsdatter (ca. 1125-1178) was a Norwegian princess and mother of King Magnus V of Norway.[1]

Kristin was a daughter of King Sigurd I of Norway and Malmfred of Kiev. She married Erling Skakke (Erling Ormsson Skakke), a Norwegian nobleman who had earned his reputation crusading with Rögnvald Kali Kolsson, the Earl of Orkney.[2] [3] They had a son, Magnus Erlingsson.

Kristin was the only legitimate child of King Sigurd. In 1130, King Sigurd died with no legitimate sons. An illegitimate son, Magnus Sigurdsson (Magnus 4 Sigurdsson Blinde), became king of Norway jointly with his uncle Harald Gille. Harald Gille had four sons, Inge, Eystein, Sigurd and Magnus Haraldsson, all of whom became kings of Norway. [4][5]

Following the death of King Inge in 1161, Kristin's son Magnus was crowned and named King Magnus (Magnus 5 Erlingsson) at the age of eight. He ruled as king of Norway until his death in 1184. [6]


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