Kristine Rolofson

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Kristine Rolofson
Born December 9, 1975?
Rhode Island, New England, United States
Occupation Novelist
Nationality American
Period 1987-present
Genre Romantic novel

Kristine Rolofson (born December 9 in Rhode Island, New England, United States) is a popular American writer of over 35 romance novels since 1987.


Kristine Rolofson grew up reading books by Zane Grey. At age 18 she married her high school history teacher and had six children.

For years, she ran the Rolofson's Gift Shop, until Mount St. Helens' volcano blew, scattering ash across the northwest and preventing tourists from visiting the gift shop. To occupy her time, she read 200 Harlequin romances and began writing her own novel.

For 12 years, the Rolofsons lived in the mountains of North Idaho before moving to New England in 1987, the year her first novel was published. For years she combined writing with other jobs as waitress, wallpaper hanger, secretary, and seamstress. Now, she writes full-time and loves to travel.


Single novels[edit]

  • One of the Family (1987)
  • Stuck on You (1989)
  • Bound for Bliss ng muntinlupa (1990)
  • The Last Great Affair (1991)
  • All That Glitters (1992)
  • The Perfect Husband (1992)
  • Baby Blues (1994)
  • Plain Jane's Man (1994)
  • Madeleine's Cowboy (1994)
  • I'll Be Seeing You (1994)
  • Jessie's Lawman (1995)
  • The Cowboy (1995)
  • Make-Believe Honeymoon (1995)
  • The Texan Takes a Wife (1996)
  • A Touch of Texas (1997)
  • Billy and the Kid (2000)
  • A Montana Christmas (2002)

Born in the United States Series Multi-Author[edit]

  • Somebody's Hero (1990)

Boots and booties Series[edit]

  1. The Last Man in Montana (1996)
  2. The Only Man in Wyoming (1997)
  3. The Next Man in Texas (1997)
  4. The Wrong Man in Wyoming (1998)
  5. The Right Man in Montana (1998)
  6. The Best Man in Texas (2004)
  7. Made in Texas (2004)
  • Boots and Booties (Omnibus) (2000)
  • Brides, Boots and Booties (Omnibus) (2001)

Lets Celebrate Series[edit]

  • Pillow Talk (1997)

Brides On The Run Series[edit]

  • The Bride Rode West (1997)

Boots And Beauties Series[edit]

  1. Blame It on Cowboys (2000)
  2. Blame It on Babies (2001)
  3. Blame It on Texas (2001)

Montana Matchmakers Series[edit]

  1. A Wife for Owen Chase (2001)
  2. A Bride for Calder Brown (2001)
  3. A Man for Maggie Moore (2001)

Cooper's Corner Series Multi-Author[edit]

  • The Baby and the Bachelor (2002)


  • Lap of Luxury: The Perfect Husband / Stuck On You / Make-believe Honeymoon (2002)

Omnibus in collaboration[edit]

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