Kriva Palanka dialect

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Kriva Palanka dialect
Кривопаланечки дијалект
Krivopalanečki dijalekt
Native to Republic of Macedonia
Region Kriva Palanka
Native speakers
approx. 21,000 (date missing)[1]
Cyrillic (Macedonian alphabet)
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Glottolog None
Macedonian Slavic dialects.png
Location of the Kriva Palanka dialect among other Macedonian dialects

The Kriva Palanka dialect (Macedonian: Кривопаланечки дијалект, Krivopalanečki dijalekt) is a member of the eastern subgroup of the northern group of dialects of the Macedonian language. This dialect is spoken mainly in the city of Kriva Palanka and surrounding villages.

Phonological characteristics[edit]

  • use of A instead of E: трева / treva > трава / trava;
  • use of the letter U instead of the letter A: рака / raka > рука / ruka (hand) , пат / pat > пут / put (road);

Morphological characteristics[edit]

  • imperfective verbs are typically derived from perfective verbs by means of the suffix –ue (e.g. зборуе and текнуе)
  • use of the preposition U (in).

Personal pronouns[edit]


  • Ја / ја (I)
  • Ти / ti (you)
  • Он / on (he)
  • Она / ona (she)
  • Оно / ono (it)


  1. ^ As the precise number of speakers is unknown, this figure is based on the total population of the Kriva Palanka municipality.