Krivaja (Bosna)

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The mouth of Krivaja river in the Bosna River next to the city Zavidovići.

The Krivaja river is the river in central-northern parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and a right tributary of the Bosna River. Its source is confluence of the Stupčanica and the Bioštica rivers at the western outskirts of town of Olovo. From there the Krivaja flows through the scenic gorge between mountains of Zvijezda (Bosnia) and Konjuh (Bosnia), with lot of small mountain streams and small rivers inflow from both sides. Finally, after 55 kilometers the Krivaja meet the Bosna River at the vicinity of town of Zavidovići.

The river is well known for rafting, canoeing and freshwater fishing.[1]


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Coordinates: 44°26′28″N 18°09′17″E / 44.4410114°N 18.1546497°E / 44.4410114; 18.1546497