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Krka zgornji tok Slovenija.jpg
The Krka in its upper part near Žužemberk
Origin Gradiček 45°53′22″N 14°46′17″E / 45.88944°N 14.77139°E / 45.88944; 14.77139
Mouth The Sava 45°53′37″N 15°36′1″E / 45.89361°N 15.60028°E / 45.89361; 15.60028Coordinates: 45°53′37″N 15°36′1″E / 45.89361°N 15.60028°E / 45.89361; 15.60028
Basin countries Slovenia
Length 95 km (59 mi)[1]
Source elevation 275 m (902 ft)[2]
Mouth elevation 141 m (463 ft)[2]
Basin area 2,247 km2 (868 sq mi)[1]
The Krka at Novo Mesto

The Krka (pronounced [ˈkəɾːka]; German: Gurk, Latin: Corcoras) is a river in southeastern Slovenia (the traditional region of Lower Carniola), a right tributary of the Sava. With a length of 95 km (59 mi),[1] it is the second longest river flowing in its entirety in Slovenia, following Savinja.[2]


The name Krka was first attested in written sources in 799 as Corca (and as Gurke in 1025, and in Gurka fluvio in 1249). The Slovene name is derived from Slavic *Kъrka, based on the Romance name *Corcra or *Corca, derived in turn from Corcora. Many rivers had this name, or similar names, in antiquity. The name is believed to be of pre-Romance origin and may be based on onomatopoeia.[3]


The Krka sources at Gradiček near the village of Krka, about 10 km (6 mi) southwest of Ivančna Gorica and around 25 km (16 mi) southeast of Ljubljana, before flowing southeast. It passes the town of Žužemberk, Dolenjske Toplice, the town of Novo Mesto, Otočec Castle, and Kostanjevica na Krki, to meet the Sava at Brežice near the Croatian border. Its largest tributary is the Prečna, the continuation of the Temenica River.[4]


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