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Krma Valley in May 2009
Krma Valley from the nearby Jerebikovec in winter 2010

Krma is an alpine valley in the Julian Alps in the Upper Carniola region, northwestern Slovenia. It is included in the Triglav National Park in its entirety.

Krma is the longest and easternmost of the glacial valleys near Mojstrana. It is the starting point for many routes through Triglav National Park area. It leads into the Radovna Valley.

Approximately two thirds up the valley is the Kovinar alpine hut (892 m) with 15 berths, a popular stop off point for mountaineers. This hut was originally adapted from a shepherd's hut and opened in 1948. In 1959, a new, bigger hut was built by workers from Jesenice ironworks. It was renovated in 1983. It is open from the beginning of June until the end of September.

The following peaks surround Krma: towards the south east Debela peč (2,014 m), Lipanski vrh (1,965 m), Debeli vrh (1,962 m), Mali Draški vrh (2,132 m), Veliki Draški vrh (2,243 m) and Tosc (2,275 m); towards the west Macesnovec (1,926 m), Luknja peč (2,245 m) and Rjavina (2,532 m).


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Coordinates: 46°24′1.99″N 13°55′25.21″E / 46.4005528°N 13.9236694°E / 46.4005528; 13.9236694