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Krohnsminde kunstgressbane
Krohnsminde kunstgressbane
Location Danmarks plass,
Owner Bergen Municipality
Field size 105 x 68 m
Built 1930-1947
Opened 1947

Krohnsminde kunstgressbane is a municipality-owned sports ground and football stadium located in the city of Bergen, Norway, near Danmarks plass in the borough of Årstad. It was the home of the football club Løv-Ham until 2008. The western terrace of Krohnsminde kunstgressbane was demolished in November/December 2008 to make room for a new hospital building.[1]

The terrace was designed by the architect Ole Landmark and finished in 1947.[2] The venue has hosted the Norwegian Athletics Championships in 1950, 1957 and 1961.[3] In the 1991 season, it hosted the 11 home matches for Fyllingen in the Norwegian Premier League.[4][5]


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Coordinates: 60°22′32.5″N 5°20′29.39″E / 60.375694°N 5.3414972°E / 60.375694; 5.3414972