Crown Artillery Regiment

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Crown Artillery Regiment
Kronens Artilleriregiment
Active 1961-1 August 1982
Country  Denmark
Branch Flag of Denmark (state).svg Royal Danish Army
Type Artillery
Part of Hærens Operative Kommando
Regimental belt Dan Artillery Reg stable belt.png
Mascot Saint Barbara
Anniversaries Feast Day December 4

The Crown Artillery Regiment (Danish: Kronens Artilleriregiment) was an artillery regiment of the Royal Danish Army. On 1 August 1982 it was merged with the Zealand Artillery Regiment to form the King's Artillery Regiment.


In 1684 three artillery corps were formed, Danske Artillerikorps, Holstenske Artillerikorps and Norske Artillerikorps. They were merged in 1764 to one corps, Det kongelige Artillerikorps. Kronens Artilleriregiment traces its origin back to this corps. In 1803 it was split up into three brigades, Danske Artilleribrigade, Holstenske Artilleribrigade (the later Zealand Artillery Regiment) and Norske Artilleribrigade (disbanded in 1814).

Names of the regiment[edit]

  • 1764 - Det kongelige Artillerikorps
  • 1803 - Danske Artilleribrigade
  • 1842 - 1. Artilleriregiment
  • 1865 - Artilleriregimentet
  • 1867 - 2. Artilleriregiment
  • 1909 - 2. Feltartilleriregiment
  • 1961 - Kronens Artilleriregiment


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