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Kro•num [kroh-nuhm] – A new sport for the modern athlete and sports fan that is played between two teams of ten players on a circular field, called the round, with one ball and four goals. The field is divided into several zones that govern the style of play, ball handling, and the number of points awarded for scores.

They game is played with three 20 minute periods. Kronum uses a custom designed ball that is optimal for athletes to handle the ball with both their hands as well as their feet. The Kronum goal has 2 sections. The bottom section, closely resembling a narrower soccer goal is called the chamber. Along the top of the goal is what is referred to as the crown. The crown is a rounded surface with 5 circle sections removed, each called a ring. When scoring through the rings, you earn double the points for the scoring zone the shot was taken from. The circular field called the round is divided into four quadrants. Each quadrant is the same and has different zones that determine scoring. The zones on the field consist of: Goal Zone (1 point), Wedge (2 points), Flex (2 points), Cross (4 points). The Wedge is the only zone that has ball handing restrictions. Inside the Wedge, players are not allowed to use their arms or hands to control the ball. Soccer skills such as feet, thigh, chest, shoulder and head is allowed inside the Wedge.

Beginning The Game The game begins with a Prime Rush. The Prime Rush is involves both teams surrounding the second ring, which is a large circle near the center of the field. Two players from each time run into the center to retrieve the Kronum ball that had been bounced up from the ground as the starting signal. The player to get possession of the ball is on offense and play starts immediately.

Game Play Players may travel with the ball by dribbling the ball with their hands or their feet. The team on offense is attempting to score on any of the 4 goals. The team on defense must defend all 4 of the goals. Once the defensive team gets the ball, they must take the ball back into the second ring for their team to now be on offense. When this happens it is known as a change of possession. After a goal is scored, the team that was scored on gets a free clear throw to the second circle. Once they have the ball inside the second circle play begins immediately.