Kropacz coat of arms

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Kropacz CoA.png
Alternative names Kropáč, Niewiadomski II
Earliest mention 1473
Towns Niewiadom
Families Kropacz, Kropáč, Niewiadomski, Nevědomský

Kropacz (Kropáč or Niewiadomski II) is a Polish coat of arms and Czech coat of arms. It was used by several knight and szlachta (cs šlechtice) families in the times of the Kingdom of Poland, Kingdom of Bohemia and Duchies of Silesia.


6 June 1473 Wacław of Niewiadom was promoted to the lord of the Rybnik.


In a field of blue morningstar on two morningstars.

Notable bearers[edit]

Notable bearers of this coat of arms include:

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