Krotz Springs Bridge

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Krotz Springs Bridge
Coordinates 30°32′46″N 91°44′59″W / 30.5461°N 91.7497°W / 30.5461; -91.7497Coordinates: 30°32′46″N 91°44′59″W / 30.5461°N 91.7497°W / 30.5461; -91.7497
Carries 4 lanes of US 190
Crosses Atchafalaya River
Locale Krotz Springs, Louisiana
Maintained by LaDOTD
Design Dual cantilever bridges
Opened 1973, 1988

The Krotz Springs Bridge are dual cantilever bridges in the U.S. state of Louisiana which carries US 190 over the Atchafalaya River at Krotz Springs. The current brudges were built in 1973 and 1988 to replace the original 1933 truss bridge.

Old Krotz Springs Bridge, replaced by dual span bridges in 1973.
New Krotz Springs bridge span, the one on the right was built in 1973, and the one on the left was built in 1988.

Coordinates: 30°32′46.0″N 91°44′59.0″W / 30.546111°N 91.749722°W / 30.546111; -91.749722