Kruščica Rebellion

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The Kruščica Rebellion (Serbian: Крушчичка буна, Kruščička buna) was a joint rebellion of Serbs and Romanians in south Banat, which lasted for only one day. The rebellion started on July 12, 1808, in the village Kruščica near Bela Crkva, which in this time was part of the Banatian Military Frontier of the Austrian Empire. The leaders of the rebellion were Dimitrije Đorđević (deacon), Toma Stipeće (lieutenant), Marijan Josipović (retired frajkor captain), and Pivu Žumanka (retired lieutenant).

The rebel leaders have called people to join the rebellion using the false letter supposedly written by Karađorđe, in which he called them to start this rebellion. The rebellion started by church bells ringing, after which the priest, escorted by the people, started horse riding towards the place where Karađorđe supposedly had to meet with them. However, instead to meet with Karađorđe, the rebels met a squad of the Austrian army, which immediately escorted them to the prison. Lieutenant Stipeće was sentenced to death and executed in 1811, while deacon Dimitrije Đorđević was sentenced to life in prison.


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