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The Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company was a brewery in Newark, New Jersey founded by Gottfried Krueger and John Laible (Gottfried's Uncle) in 1858.

The company produced Krueger Beer, which was the first beer to be produced in cans on January 24, 1935.[1][2]

The brewery was ultimately purchased by Ballantine and Sons. The Krueger brand was sold and was produced by Narragansett in Rhode Island. Narragansett was then bought by Falstaff Brewing Company.


  • 1858 - Founded by Gottfried Krueger and John Laible (Gottfried's Uncle).
  • 1875 - John Laible dies and Gottfried Krueger takes ownership of the brewery.
  • 1900 - Brewery capacity reaches 182,000 barrels a year.
  • 1908 - Merger with Anton Hupfel and Peter Hauck breweries to form the United States Brewing Company. The company dissolves, but Gottfreid Krueger Brewing Co. retains the facilities of Trefz Brewers, The Home Brewing Co., Union Brewing Co., and Lyons & Sons Brewery, all of Newark, New Jersey.
  • 1920 - Prohibition closes all breweries but one.
  • 1926 - Gottfried Krueger dies.
  • 1935 - Krueger produces the first beer in cans.
  • 1953 - The Newark plant is producing one million barrels of beer a year.
  • 1958 – The brewery celebrates its 100th year.
  • 1961 – The company is sold and the Newark plant closes.

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