Krugerdrift Dam

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Krugerdrift Dam
Official nameKrugerdrift Dam
CountrySouth Africa
LocationFree State
Coordinates28°53′1″S 25°57′0″E / 28.88361°S 25.95000°E / -28.88361; 25.95000Coordinates: 28°53′1″S 25°57′0″E / 28.88361°S 25.95000°E / -28.88361; 25.95000
Opening date1970
Owner(s)Department of Water Affairs
Dam and spillways
Type of damArch-gravity dam
ImpoundsModder River
Height25 m (82 ft)
Length4,956 m (16,260 ft)
CreatesKrugerdrift Dam Reservoir
Total capacity66,000,000 m3 (54,000 acre⋅ft)
Catchment area6,331 km2 (2,444 sq mi)
Surface area1,853 ha (4,580 acres)

Krugersdrift Dam in the Modder River 35 km N-West of Bloemfontein, OFS Province of South Africa has a capacity of 73.2 million cubic metres. It was built in 1970 with a wall length of 3114 m, height of 26 m and a surface area of 1 853 ha The huge dam is very shallow and can lose its water in a short period of time due to usage and evaporation. The Dam is situated in the Soetdoring Nature Reserve and holds yellowfish, Orange River mudfish, barbel and carp.

It is a popular birding venue with large numbers of South African Shelduck, Spur-winged Goose and Egyptian Goose, Access to the reserve is from the Bloemfontein-Bultfontein road (R700) or from the Bloemfontein-Kimberley road (R64); the reserve is about 40 kilometres from Bloemfontein's city centre.

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