Krumen language

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Native toIvory Coast, Liberia
Native speakers
(50,000 cited 1993)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3Variously:
ted – Tepo
pye – Pye
ktj – Plapo
ELPPlapo Krumen

Krumen is a dialect continuum spoken by the Krumen people of Liberia and Ivory Coast (Tabou and Grabo subprefectures). It is a branch of the Grebo languages, a subfamily of the Kru languages and ultimately of the Niger–Congo languages. It had 48,300 speakers in 1993.[2] The main varieties are:

  • Tepo: Tepo, Bapo, Wlopo / Ropo, Dapo, Honpo, Yrepo / Kapo, Glawlo dialects
  • Pye: Trepo, Wluwe-Hawlo, Gbowe-Hran, Wlepo, Dugbo, Yrewe / Giriwe / Jrwe [ɟʀwe] / Jrewe,[3] Yapo, Pie dialects
  • Plapo

Plapo has only a hundred speakers and no dialectal variation.

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