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Krumpendorf am Wörthersee
Krumpendorf and Wörthersee
Krumpendorf and Wörthersee
Coat of arms of Krumpendorf am Wörthersee
Coat of arms
Krumpendorf am Wörthersee is located in Austria
Krumpendorf am Wörthersee
Krumpendorf am Wörthersee
Location within Austria
Coordinates: 46°38′N 14°13′E / 46.633°N 14.217°E / 46.633; 14.217Coordinates: 46°38′N 14°13′E / 46.633°N 14.217°E / 46.633; 14.217
Country Austria
State Carinthia
District Klagenfurt-Land
 • Mayor Hilde Gaggl (ÖVP)
 • Total 11.86 km2 (4.58 sq mi)
Elevation 450 m (1,480 ft)
Population (1 January 2016)[1]
 • Total 3,484
 • Density 290/km2 (760/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST) UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code 9201
Area code 04229

Krumpendorf am Wörthersee (Slovene: Kriva Vrba) is a municipality in Klagenfurt-Land District, in Carinthia, Austria.


Villa Haybäck

Krumpendorf stretches along the northern shore of Wörthersee, Carinthia's largest bathing lake. The municipal area with 11.86 km2 (4.58 sq mi) is the smallest of all Carinthian municipalities. In the east, it borders on the state capital Klagenfurt. Krumpendorf can be reached via two junctions of the Süd Autobahn (A2) from Vienna to Villach and the border with Italy.

The municipal area comprises the cadastral communities of Pritschitz (Pričiče), Krumpendorf, Drasing und Gurlitsch II.


The original name Chrumpendorf was probably derived from the local denotation krumpe Felfer (Slovene: vrba), i.e. "crooked willow". Drasing Castle, located on a northern hillside, was first mentioned 1284, it may have been the site of an outer ward of the nearby Moosburg (Arnulf Castle) Kaiserpfalz. Once a rural area, its picturesque setting nowadays makes Krumpendorf a popular destination for daytrippers and tourist resort. Beside the Baroque Krumpendorf Castle finished in 1740, the overall appearance of the locality features several lavish hotels and mansions built in the typical fin-de-siècle 'Wörthersee Style'.

The name affix am Wörther See was added by resolution of the local government in 1987, modified am Wörthersee in 2012.

Krumpendorf Castle


Seats in the municipal assembly (Gemeinderat) as of 2015 elections:


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