Krungthep Bridge

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Krungthep Bridge
Krungthep rama3 bridges.jpg
Krungthep Bridge (left) and Rama III Bridge (right)
Carries Four lanes of roadway, pedestrians
Crosses Chao Phraya River
Locale Bangkok, Thailand
Design Bascule bridge, Truss bridge
Total length 626.25 m
Longest span 64 m
Clearance above 7.5 m
Construction start 31 August 1954
Construction end 24 March 1959
Opened 25 June 1959

The Krungthep Bridge (Thai: สะพานกรุงเทพ) is a bascule bridge (drawbridge) spanning the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok, Thailand. It was the second bridge to be built across the Chao Phraya river. It was constructed by Fuji Car Manufacturing Co., Ltd, with a budget of 31,912,500 baht.

Heavy congestion on the bridge led to the construction of the nearby Rama III Bridge.


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Coordinates: 13°42′4″N 100°29′30″E / 13.70111°N 100.49167°E / 13.70111; 100.49167