Krushuna Falls

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Krushuna Falls
Крушунски водопад
Location Balkan Mountains Bulgaria Bulgaria
Type Travertine

Krushuna Falls (Крушунски водопади) are a series of waterfalls in northern Bulgaria, near the village of Krushuna, Letnitsa Municipality, 34 km from the city of Lovech. They are famous with their picturesque landscape and are formed by many travertines.

There is a tourist path leading to the cave where the river springs. There are two smaller waterfalls in the area, one of which is called Malkata Maara. Some other caves are also found in the vicinity - Urushka Maara, Gornik, Devetashka cave.

Remains of the 13-14th century Hesychast Krushuna Monastery dating from the Second Bulgarian Empire can be found nearby.