Kruszyniany Mosque

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Meczet w Kruszynianach
Kruszyniany Mosque
Meczet w Kruszynianach front side.jpg
Statusactive mosque
LocationPoland Kruszyniany, Poland
Completed18-19 century

Kruszyniany Mosque is a wooden mosque located in the village of Kruszyniany, in Podlaskie Voivodeship, Poland. The building is the oldest Tatar mosque in Poland, built on the plan of a rectangle, in specifications of 10 by 13 metres.[1]


The village of Kruszyniany was assigned to the Tatars by King John III Sobieski, who had participated in the war against the Ottoman Empire, who stood on the side of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. After the Tatar populous settled in the area, the Tatars built the mosque, which was first mentioned in a document dating back to 1717. The present mosque was most likely built in the second half of the eighteenth-century, or in the first half of the nineteenth-century (the exact date of construction of the building is unknown), in the location of the former mosque. In 1846, the building underwent renovation, information about which is found on a rock plate, next to the women's entrance.[2]

After World War II, the area was settled by repatriates and Muslims from modern-day Belarus. In 2008, with funding provided by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the wooden building was fitted with a safety system.[3]

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Coordinates: 53°10′35″N 23°48′47″E / 53.1764°N 23.8131°E / 53.1764; 23.8131