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Kruzenshtern i parohod - hutz-mi-ze 2 festival - kibbutz Parod,Israel - 22Aug2008.jpg

Kruzenshtern & Parohod (Russian: Крузенштерн и Пароход) is a Russophone Israel klezmer-rock band from Tel Aviv, created in 2002. Its style is variously branded as "experimental jazz", "klezmercore" (a pun on "hardcore"), "ethno jazz", "avant-garde".

The core team is :

  • Igor Krutogolov: bass, voice
  • Ruslan Gross: clarinet
  • Guy Shechter: drums
  • Boris Martzinovsky: accordion

They often play with various guests.

The name of the band is a pun immediately recognizable by all post-Soviet Russophones. In Russia (as well as in other Russophone places), a fictional steamship "Admiral Ivan Fyodorovich Kruzenshtern" from the popular Prostokvashino animated film series is very well known, often as part of a catch phrase "Admiral I.F.Kruzenshtern, a man and a steamship", "pirated" from the title of a requiem poem by Vladimir Mayakovsky, To Comrade Nette, a Man and a Steamship. The fictional steamship is named after a Russian admiral and explorer Adam Johann von Krusenstern, as is since 1946 a real sailing ship, the Kruzenshtern.


  • The Craft Of Primitive Klezmer (2003, Auris Media label)
  • Songs (2004)
  • Live in Karaganda (2004)
  • K&P / Vialka (split CD, Auris Media, 2006)
  • K&P /IDM CD, Auris Media 2008
  • The Craft Of Primitive Klezmer (2008)
  • Noize 2005 (2011)
  • Hidden Album (2012)
  • Hidden Album Volume II (2015)
  • HYMNS (2016)


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