Kryst the Conqueror

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Kryst The Conqueror
Origin Lodi, New Jersey, United States
Years active 1987–1995
Associated acts
Members Jeff Scott Soto
Jerry Only
Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein
The Murp
Dr. Chud

Kryst The Conqueror (Pronounced "Christ The Conqueror") was an American Christian metal project formed in August 1987 by two former members of the horror punk band, The Misfits. The project was led by bassist Jerry Only, who adopted a new stage name, "Mo The Great" (or alternately "Mocavious Kryst"), and his younger brother, guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, followed by a virtually unknown drummer known only as The Murp. The band fused fantastical and sci-fi imagery with religious themes and messages. The band has also been referred to as a "bass and guitar shop project" as Only and Doyle constantly tweaked and refined their instruments throughout the band's existence in an attempt to create what they felt would be the ultimate bass and guitar.


In 1987, Jerry and Doyle formed The Doyle Fan Club in order to promote the new project and stay in touch with fans of The Misfits. The Murp met Jerry and Doyle while he was working at Proedge, the Caiafa family business. When Kryst The Conqueror was forming in 1987, The Murp was asked to drum for this "studio only" project. He became the band's first drummer. His work is featured only on the Deliver Us From Evil EP and the unofficially released full length version of the Deliver Us From Evil album. According to various interviews conducted at the time, and a series of very many fan club letters written by Jerry Only (as "Mo The Great") from 1987 to 1995, Kryst The Conqueror was meant to be Only's vision of the "perfect" band. He had hope and faith in the "righteous" messages of the band so that they could reach out to their many very devout fans and give "spiritual" influences especially to those who had continued to follow former Misfits frontman Glenn Danzig and his careers with his other bands. Samhain and Danzig were bands that Glenn was a part of that Jerry felt were satanic, evil, and possibly damaging to impressionable youths.

Already well known Rising Force vocalist Jeff Scott Soto was hired to sing for Kryst The Conqueror. It had been speculated for many years that Soto was still under contract with Rising Force at that point in time, but this was in fact untrue. Soto set the record straight in an interview in March 2015 about his time recording vocals for Kryst The Conqueror's debut and about him being billed as "Kryst The Conqueror". Also, popular guitarist Dave "The Snake" Sabo from Skid Row plays lead guitar on the songs "Trial Of The Soul" and "Spellbound". An actual full length album, Deliver Us From Evil, was recorded, although it had never been released in its entirety until unofficially in 2017 by Sleepless Beast Records on a Limited Edition Digipak CD-R of only one hundred copies. The song "Trial Of The Soul" is mistitled as "Trial Of The Sould" on the back cover. This release even uses the Cyclopian Music logo on it. Five of the album's tracks were originally released in December 1989 as a very special fan club cassette EP entitled Deliver Us From Evil to coincide with the Christmas holiday season. This EP was released on Cyclopean Music Inc. and Mark Custom Recording Service. The cassette has only one side of music on it with a gold sticker as a label for the release. There are two versions of the cassette inlay card. The most common version of the inlay card lists only the EP title on its spine. Some of the later copies spines lists the band's name in smaller letters than the EP title. The compact disc version of Deliver Us From Evil was finally available in February 1990. The EP was made as a Limited Edition release of only twelve thousand cassettes and only ten thousand compact discs. There was also a sticker on most of the plastic wraps on the earlier releases of the cassettes and compact discs that stated "Featuring: DOYLE & JERRY ONLY formerly of the MISFITS". A special fan club package that was slated for release on Christmas 1989 was unfortunately delayed until February 1990 when the compact discs became available. It was a small plastic box with a Kryst The Conqueror bumper sticker on the top of it with a Cyclopean Music sticker underneath the box top. It also had a plastic tray containing both the compact disc and the cassette versions of Deliver Us From Evil. The package also contained plastic trays that even held ten Kryst The Conqueror bumper stickers and one Kryst The Conqueror penlight. It even contained two Cyclopean Music promo sheets and one Doyle Fan Club letter. The special package was only sold exclusively through The Doyle Fan Club to fan club members and usually also came along with a free surprise Kryst The Conqueror hat. Most special packages were in a clear plastic container while others were in a black one. Kryst The Conqueror had other merchandise available such as two Kryst The Conqueror penlight holders that were also sold. One was in gunmetal black and the other was in gunmetal gray. The gunmetal black one that has the Kryst The Conqueror logo shaded in black and white and the gunmetal gray one has the Kryst The Conqueror logo shaded in blue and yellow. There has been no other official Kryst The Conqueror merchandise that has ever been available. The Kryst The Conqueror song "Dr. Phibes Rises Again" is also featured in the 1995 film Animal Room with no soundtrack album for the film ever being released although the song itself is available for official download off of the internet. In December 2002, there were three Brazilian metal labels Dies Irae, Metal Treasures, and Dust Records that together unofficially released a Limited Edition Picture Disc 12" vinyl version of the Deliver Us From Evil EP that was limited to only two hundred fifty copies. "Thunder Thruster", "In God We Trust", and "Trial Of The Soul" are on Side One with "March Of The Mega-Mites" and "Spellbound" being left on Side Two. This disc comes with a printed lyrics sheet that shows pictures of Jerry Only, Doyle, and Dr. Chud in their Misfits styles of appearance, but there aren't any pictures of The Murp or Jeff Scott Soto. The lyrics sheet also lists a very brief history of Kryst The Conqueror and even misleadingly proclaims that Deliver Us From Evil was released on no label in 1989. The disc itself even misleadingly lists the printing of the recording as being in 1990 by "Cyclopean Music Inc" with no copyright. There are two small Cyclopian Music logos and two big Cyclopian Music logos on the front of the lyrics sheet. There are also four Cyclopian Music logos on the back of the lyrics sheet, three small and one giant, along with a bigger picture of the original cassette cover. This release also uses a giant Cyclopian Music logo on Side Two of the disc. Side One of the disc features a picture of a long haired black eyed man that has a sword in his hands and is standing in front of a wall with the Kryst The Conqueror logo suspended in the air very close to the front of his head. This picture is also signed towards the bottom of it as "Tuta 2003". Jerry Only has actually said that he really would like to put out the full length album version of Deliver Us From Evil officially.

Even though the band never played live to the open public, there was still talk of an actual tour of Kryst The Conqueror with other Christian metal bands. In 1992, The Murp was replaced by Dr. Chud as the second drummer. Dr. Chud started out his music career playing with Dan Kidney And The Pulsations for eight years before joining Sardonica. During his time in Sardonica, he also played drums with Jerry and Doyle in Kryst The Conqueror, but he also recorded an album with Sacred Trash just before joining Jerry and Doyle's band. Still with no shows ever done, Kryst The Conqueror survived as a "studio only" band until 1995, because at that particular point in time, Jerry and Doyle had reached an out of court settlement with Glenn Danzig granting them the rights to record and perform as part of The Misfits once again. As a result of this, Kryst The Conqueror was then finished and then Jerry, Doyle, and Chud quickly recreated and freshly crafted what actually became the newest incarnation of The Misfits. Some Kryst The Conqueror songs were eventually rewritten into songs for the newly "resurrected" band. To nobody's surprise, Kryst The Conqueror had actually also recorded other songs that are entitled "The Bride", "The Red Krypton Sun", "Curse Of The Cyclops", and "Beyond The Valley Of Death", but these songs remain unreleased.


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