Kryvka Church

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Kryvka Church
St. Nicholas's Church
Lviv Szewczenkiw Hay Krywky church SAM 2747 46-101-1888.JPG
Basic information
Location Kryvka
Affiliation Catholic Church
Country Ukraine

St. Nicholas's Church is the centerpiece of the Lviv Museum of Folk Architecture and Culture, better known as Shevchenkivskyi Hay. This traditional tripartite timber church, encircled by a wooden fence, was transferred to Lviv from Kryvka village, Turkivskyi Raion in 1930. It was originally built by Boiko carpenters in 1763. During the First World War the church was damaged by a shell that pierced the upper gallery.

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Coordinates: 49°50′41.4″N 24°3′59″E / 49.844833°N 24.06639°E / 49.844833; 24.06639