Krzysztof Chodkiewicz

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Krzysztof Chodkiewicz
Krzysztof Chodkiewicz or
Coat of arms Kościesza odm.Chodkiewicz
Consort Elżbieta Kiszka
Zofia Drucka Horska
Family Chodkiewicz
Father Hieronim Chodkiewicz
Mother Anna Tarło
Born 16th century
Died 1652

Krzysztof Chodkiewicz or Katkevičius (died 1652) was a Polish-Lithuanian nobleman (szlachcic).


Chodkiewicz held the title of Great Standard Bearer of Lithuania (Lith: Vėliavininkas). In 1610, he was named Master of the Horse of Lithuania. In 1623, Castellan of Trakai, and in 1633, Castellan of Vilnius, in 1636, Voivode of Vilnius Voivodship. Finally in 1642, he became Starost (Grodzki) of Babruysk, Kreva and held the deeds to Biala and Wiszniewo.

During the Polish-Swedish War, he participated in the siege of Pärnu, which started on February 28, 1601, under the command of his cousin, Jan Karol Chodkiewicz.

He also took part in the Polish-Muscovite War, as a Colonel of the Lisowczyk regiment until March 28, 1617. In 1616, a regiment under his command captured and burned Kursk and several smaller cities. He was also a participant in the Battle of Bołchow.

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