Ksamil Islands

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Ksamil Islands
Native name: Ishuj të Tetranisit
Coast of Ksamil
Coordinates 39°46′30″N 19°59′42″E / 39.77500°N 19.99500°E / 39.77500; 19.99500
Total islands 4
Area 7.1 ha (18 acres)
Highest elevation 15 m (49 ft)

The Ksamil Islands (Albanian: Ishuj të Ksamilit or Ishuj të Tetranisit) are four small islands located in southern Albania. The islands are remote and can only be accessed by boat. The village of Ksamil, after whom the islands are named, is located to the east of the islands. The combined areas of the four Ksamili islands is only 7.1 hectares (17.5 acres) and form part of the larger Butrint National Park.[1]


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