Ksenya Stepanycheva

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Ksenya Stepanycheva
Ксения Степанычева 2.jpg
Born (1978-11-04) November 4, 1978 (age 38)
Saratov, Russia

Ksenya Viktorovna Stepanycheva (Russian: Ксения Викторовна Степанычева, 1978) is a Russian playwright.

Ksenya Stepanycheva was born in the city of Saratov on November 4, 1978, into the family of a military serviceman. She lived with her father in military garrisons in Germany, Ukraine and the subarctic region. She graduated from the Povozhskaya Civil Service Academy and got an honors degree of a manager and economist.[1]

Her play 2x2=5 received First Prize at the All-Russian Competition of Playwrights, Protagonist (Deystvuyushiye litsa Russian: Действующие лица), 2004, and was staged by the School of Modern Drama Theater in Moscow and at the Saratov Drama Theater.

Kseniya is the author of such plays as «2 х 2 = 5», «Private Life», «Pink Bow», «Staf», «Divine Foam», «The Cossacks’ Tales».[1]

Four Kseniya’s plays were published in “Modern Dramatics” magazine. “Pink Bow” play was published in «The World of Children’s Theater» magazine. In 2004 she was awarded with the main prize in the “Dramatis Personae” annual contest of playwrights.[2]

In April 2009 together with other young playwrights of Russia she undertook in-depth training at Princeton University (New Jersey, United States).[1]

«2 х 2 = 5» play by Kseniya Stepanycheva was staged at the Saratovskiy Academical Theater in 2005, at “The School of a Modern Play” Moscow theater in 2007, and other theatres in Donetsk (Ukraine) and Tomsk (Russia).[1]

In 2009 Stanislav Govorukhin, a famous Russian film director, started to shoot a movie by Kseniya’s script; the movie’s name is “Hearts of Four”.

«Private Life» (Russian: Частная жизнь) play by Kseniya Stepanycheva was staged at the Saratovskiy Academical Theater in 2009.[3]

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