Księga Tajemnicza. Prolog

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Księga Tajemnicza. Prolog
Księga Tajemnicza. Prolog cover.jpg
Studio album by Kaliber 44
Released 1996 (1996)
Recorded 1995 - 1996
Genre Hip-hop
Length 46:16
Label S.P. Records
Producer Kaliber 44, Rahim, Jajonasz
Kaliber 44 chronology
Księga Tajemnicza. Prolog
W 63 minuty dookoła świata
(1998)W 63 minuty dookoła świata1998

Księga Tajemnicza. Prolog is the debut album of Polish hip-hop group Kaliber 44, released in 1996, on S.P. Records. The album is one of the most influential releases in the history of Polish hip-hop.[citation needed]

The album was entirely produced by Kaliber 44, except two tracks that were produced by Rahim from 3xKlan and Jajonasz. The sound of Księga Tajemnicza. Prolog is dark, gloom and the minimalist. An important role during the recording sessions was a marijuana that members of Kaliber 44 smoked. They called themselves "the Knights of Mary" (Mary in the Polish slang means marijuana).

The style of group to some extent resembles the style of such groups as Gravediggaz and Wu-Tang Clan.

Track list[edit]

# Title Title translation Producer Sample / notes Time
1 "Wejście" "Entrance"
  • Dialogue from "Poszukiwacze złota"
2 "Nasze mózgi wypełnione są Marią" "Our Brains Are Filled with Mary" Jajonasz, Mag Magik I 3:50
3 "Usłysz mój głos" "Hear My Voice" Mag Magik I 2:07
4 "Brat nie ma już miłości dla mnie" "Brother Has No More Love For Me" Mag Magik I 4:04
5 "Psychoza" "Psychosis" Lord MM Dab
  • Scratches by DJ Feel-X
6 "To czyni mnie innym od was wszystkich" "What Makes Me Different From You All" Lord MM Dab
  • Scratches by DJ Feel-X
7 "Więcej szmalu 2" "More Cash Pt. 2" Mag Magik I
  • Scratches by DJ Feel-X
8 "Do boju zakon Marii" "To Fight, the Order of Mary" Jajonasz, Mag Magik I 3:56
9 "Bierz mój miecz i masz" "Take My Sword and Have It" Jajonasz, Mag Magik I
  • Dialogue from "Thumbelina"
  • Scratches by DJ Feel-X
10 "+ i -" "+ and -" Mag Magik I 4:55
11 "Moja obawa (bądź a klęknę)" "My Anxiety (Be and I'll Kneel)" Rahim 4:01
12 "Psychodela" (feat. 3xKlan) "Psychedelia" Rahim 5:48
13 "Bez wyjścia" "No Way Out"
  • Dialogue from "Poszukiwacze złota"