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Kuala Berang (est. pop. (2000 census): 5,803)[1] is the seat and largest town of Hulu Terengganu District, Terengganu, Malaysia. The town serves as a gateway to Lake Kenyir. The historical Terengganu Inscription Stone was found near Kuala Berang in 1899. The town of Kuala Berang was the first capital of the modern Sultanate of Terengganu before moving to Kuala Terengganu.



Kuala Berang is connected to Ajil and subsequently Kuala Terengganu by highway Jkr-ft106.png and then highway Jkr-ft14.png. Highway Jkr-ft247.png begins in Kuala Berang and ends at Kuala Jenderis, where it interchanges into highway Jkr-ft185.png which goes to Gua Musang in Kelantan, Cameron Highlands in Pahang before terminating at Simpang Pulai near Ipoh in Perak.

Alternately there is an interchange to the LPT E8 at Ajil.

Public transport[edit]

As with the rest of Terengganu, Kuala Berang does not have any form of rail transport.


Kuala Berang forms its own electoral district in the Terengganu State Legislative Assembly, currently represented by Dato’ Haji Tengku Putera Bin Tengku Awang of UMNO, part of the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional [2]

On the national level, Kuala Berang is part of the Hulu Terengganu parliamentary constituency, currently represented by Dato' Jaliani bin Johari, also from UMNO.[3]


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Coordinates: 5°04′N 103°01′E / 5.067°N 103.017°E / 5.067; 103.017