Kuala Nerang

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Kuala Nerang is the capital of Padang Terap District, Kedah, Malaysia. It is located on the northern part of Kedah.

Name of Padang Terap[edit]

In the states of Kedah and Perlis, there are many places named as "Padang" such as Padang Besar, Padang Lalang, Padang Perahu, Padang Hang. Padang means field, which reflects a barren area with few or sparse trees, like a Savana Climate which is caused by the drought season in this region lasting longer than 4 months in a year, when the rainfall is less than 55mm per month. Padang Terap shows the field was filled with Terap trees which are drought tolerance plants. So the name Padang Terap evolved from this tree. A local attraction such as "Puncak Janing" is the famous waterfall for Kuala Nerang. Kuala Nerang has grown from a small town to the economic capital of 'Padang Terap' district. Kuala Nerang also has fabulous camp sites such Dusun Minda Resort and PJ Sentosa Campsite.

Coordinates: 6°15′N 100°36′E / 6.250°N 100.600°E / 6.250; 100.600