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Kuala Selangor
كوالا سلاڠور (Jawi)
瓜拉雪兰莪 (Simplified Chinese)
瓜拉雪蘭莪 (Traditional Chinese)
Town and District Capital
Kuala Selangor, Beautiful and Historic
Country Malaysia
State Selangor
DistrictKuala Selangor District
municipal status
7 August 2021
 • Council PresidentRahilah binti Rahmat
Kuala Selangor Town in Kuala Selangor District

Kuala Selangor is a town in northwestern Selangor, Malaysia. It is the largest town and administrative centre of the coterminous Kuala Selangor District.


The name Kuala Selangor means Estuary of the Selangor River.


Kuala Selangor was the capital of the Sultanate of Selangor during its early years in the 18th century.[1] It was relocated to Jugra in Kuala Langat region in 1827, then Klang in the 1870s.


Kuala Selangor town is located at the estuary of the Selangor River, where it drains into the Strait of Malacca. It is located 55 km north-west of downtown Kuala Lumpur, and 42 km north-west of Shah Alam, the capital of Selangor.

Kuala Selangor town is the largest town of the coterminous Kuala Selangor region, which also contains the adjacent towns of Tanjung Karang, Ijok, Puncak Alam, Bestari Jaya and Jeram.[2]

Tourist attractions[edit]

Bukit Melawati[edit]

Bagan Pasir

Kampung Kuantan fireflies[edit]

Kampung Kuantan is well known for its fireflies. Moreover, there has been opinion[whose?] that magical fireflies are only available at two places in the world and one of it is in Kampung Kuantan.

The adventure of the fireflies' area began in the early 1970s by a local businessman who saw the commercial potential of this miracle. Now, the adventure has been entrusted to the Kuala Selangor District Council and has expanded rapidly with the addition of 27 small boats for the visitors.

Kuala Selangor Nature Park[edit]

Kuala Selangor Nature Park was opened in 1987. With an area of 296 hectares (2.96 km2), it is divided to two main parts: a 201-hectare (2.01 km2) Tropical Rainforest, and a Swamp Forest. The park is under the management of the Malaysia Nature Lovers Association, ensuring the natural environment of the park is preserved without any habitat damage.[citation needed]



Kuala Selangor is connected to Sungai Buloh and Kepong by national highway 54. This is the main access road from downtown Kuala Lumpur. The Kuala Lumpur-Kuala Selangor toll road (LATAR) E25 is another access route, providing access from Rawang. The upcoming West Coast Expressway will provide access to Banting, Klang, Teluk Intan, Ipoh and Taiping.

Kuala Selangor is also accessible from the royal capital Klang via national highway 5.

Public transit[edit]

Kuala Selangor currently is not connected to any rail transit line. However, Selangor Omnibus route 100 runs from  AG7  SP7  KJ13  LRT Masjid Jamek,  KA7  KTM Kepong Sentral and  SBK1  KA8  MRT/KTM Sungai Buloh between 05:00 and 20:00 daily.[3]

A branch line of the KTM Port Klang Line once connected Kuala Selangor to Padang Jawa; the line was closed in 1933.

In popular culture[edit]



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Coordinates: 3°20′30″N 101°14′47″E / 3.341688°N 101.246327°E / 3.341688; 101.246327