Kubera (manhwa)

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Kubera : One Last God
Cover of Kubera volume 1 featuring Asha and Kubera
Genre Fantasy
Author Currygom
Illustrator Currygom
Publisher Naver
Magazine Naver
Original run 2010
Collected volumes 5

Kubera (Korean: 쿠베라?) is a Korean manhwa series written and illustrated by Currygom. Started on February 7, 2010, this webtoon manhwa was released on Naver and is still publishing.


In a world with gods having everlasting lives, suras who possess unrivaled power, and humans who caught helplessly in between, a girl with a god's name, Kubera, is born—a girl who is prophesied to bring great change into the world. When Kubera’s peaceful village meets its fiery end, a mysterious magician named Asha comes to her rescue. Together they begin a journey in search of answers and revenge.[1]


Kubera Leez/Leez Haias, Asha Rahiro, Gandharva, Maruna, Brilith Ruin, Agni, Kubera, Sagara, Yuta, and Ran Sairofe, are the main characters in the story.


Gods (神, deva) are one of the three races in the Kubera World. After the N0 Cataclysm they were confined to the god realm and require a summoner to stay in the human realm. They have one source attribute. They do not grow or age, but as with the sura, they can change their age or appearance at will. They have human forms that are slightly altered when they release their power, but are still human-like. Gods cannot have children like humans and sura; for a god to be born, a jurisdiction must be available. As such, their population grows at a slower rate than those of the other races. Gods can have children with humans, though the resulting offspring won't be immortal. Depending on their jurisdiction, they are classified as primeval gods (始初神), natural gods (自然神) or created (generational) gods (生成神). Gods are weaker than nastikas, but are able to regenerate indefinitely as long as their jurisdictions exist.

Primeval Gods[edit]

Primeval gods are in charge of creating universes and maintaining balance in them. They also control the Power of Names and are completely neutral when it comes to the wars and struggles between astikas and nastikas. Primeval gods help other gods manage their duties and have authority over them.

  • Brahma
  • Kali
  • Shiva
  • Visnu

Natural Gods[edit]

They were created by the primeval gods at the beginning of the universe along with nastikas. They are also bound by the Power of their Names and share between them a general hate towards the sura. Natural gods can be destroyed, but only at the price of extinguishing every source of their jurisdictions in the whole universe; for instance, as long as fire exists, Agni can't be killed. Despite that, their jurisdictions are bound to the universe directly and natural gods will die at the end of their universe. They are on friendly terms with created gods, but aren't very close to primeval gods who are considered outsiders by both.

  • Agni
    • Agni (alias Babo Kim) is the god summoned by Brilith. His element is fire. He can change his appearance as well as the clothes he wears. He believes in fighting fair and not use underhanded tricks. He loses control when someone says something bad about a woman he knew died from his past, his one weakness. He knows that Asha is hiding something.
  • Chandra
  • Indra
  • Kubera
    • God Kubera is whom Leez is named after, and at first tries to have her killed because of her name, but changes his mind and helps her once he sees her potential.
  • Surya
  • Varuna
  • Vayu

Created Gods[edit]

Not much is known about the real number of these gods other than they are numerous. They came into being after the beginning of the universe when there was a suitable jurisdiction they could fill. Each jurisdiction is very defined and limited, making it possible for it to be extinguished by changing circumstances, and the disappearance of the god with it.

  • Asvins
  • Marut
  • Yama


Suras are non-aging creatures that originally take the form of animal-like beings, while more developed suras have the ability to take on human form. Unlike humans, they do not have an afterlife. They are divided into eight clans, each of which has distinct biological characteristics even in human form, allowing both the gods and the humans to distinguish between different sura clans. The king of each clan is usually the strongest nastika of that clan. The name of each clan is derived from the first king of the clan. Each sura has a distinct ranking from birth based on the number of generations that separate them from their nearest nastika ancestor. Most are quite mindful of their status, and as such, children with parents belonging to different ranks are rare. In particular, mixing with "such an inferior race" as humans is considered to be a total disgrace and loss of pride; only the Vritra clan seems to be exempt from this mentality due the circumstances it has been forced to face. Suras have a different approach to family than humans. For example, there is a rivalry between fathers and sons for the mother's affection. That means fathers can and will hurt their children if they grow too close to the mother or hurt her (making her angry or sad). On the contrary, daughters are loved and spoiled by their fathers, particularly if they resemble their mother. In comparison with female humans, sura mothers are not as affectionate with their children.


Nastikas are the most powerful type of suras and have existed since the creation of the universe. They do not age and can change their gender at will, although most are stronger in male form. Each nastika has a clan attribute, plus an origin attribute of their own. Nastikas can eat and drink; however, as stated by Taksaka, it's more of a bother for them since they don't require food and don't obtain vigor from it. Still, it appears to be a common practice in celebrations. Nastikas don't require sleep, either. They are stronger than the gods but don't regenerate infinitely. They are the only sura class immune to the insight of the gods. They are also the only sura class that can change their gender at will; most are stronger in male form, though one exception was Vritra who had a stronger female form, but is now permanently male.

  • Gandharva
    • Gandharva is the last nastika, the origin of all sura, with blue skin, green hair, and a defective right eye. His element is ice. He is an acquaintance of Maruna. He is the person Kubera Leez first met when she went into the forest to collect mushrooms, right before the destruction of her village. He knows Agni's one weakness. He has a missing daughter name Shakuntala.


Rakshasas are the children of nastika. A rakshasa's gender is determined by the amount of time each parent has spent as each gender, which has resulted in more males than females. They are ageless and are born in their human form, but can change into sura form during any of their five stages of growth. These stages mimic a human's growth; for example, a sura's 3rd stage is roughly equivalent to adolescence for humans, as they develop an interest in the opposite sex. They can even be more impulsive than humans during puberty. They inherit two heritage attributes from their parents' origin attributes.

  • Cloche
  • Clophe
  • Maruna
    • Maruna is a sura from the Garuda Clan, those who possess wings and really good eyesight. His sura form is twice the size of a mountain. He is acquainted with Gandharva. He use telepathy to talk to Gandharva and will sometimes act before he thinks. He can be a little mischievous sometimes. He is the person who destroyed Leez's village.
  • Yuta
    • Yuta is a rakshasa sura who befriends Asha and Leez. He appears as a pre-teen boy with short black hair and gray eyes. He is mute, but communicates to Leez by writing in a notebook.


Upanis are the children of the rakshasa. As with their parents, they undergo five stages of growth. They are born in sura form and can only transform to their human form after reaching 3rd stage. Developed upanis are considered superior sura and are extremely dangerous to most magicians.


Maras are the children of the upanis, and the weakest suras of a clan. As such, they are often attacked by higher-ranked suras of other clans and devoured. They cannot take on human form. Higher-developed maras are considered dangerous to the average human.


A Half is commonly the child between a sura and a human. To be considered as such, at least 50% of the blood in their system must be sura, which means it's not strictly necessary for a parent to be a sura, as long as both parents have sura blood and their child inherits over 50% sura blood. Halfs have clan attributes and origin attributes from the sura side of their parents, but their power is based on the percentage of sura blood in their body. As sura, their bodies have animal characteristics and age about four times slower than humans. Due the events in N0, Halfs are required to be sponsored by magicians to be able to live in cities with humans, since they are detected at checkpoints. Otherwise, they are hunted and sold at auctions as food.

  • Clari Utas
  • Elwin Rakan
  • Eria Sein
  • Hana Lehn
  • Kasak Rajof
  • Kroha
  • Leny
  • Parr Hael
  • Rinn
  • Teira Bell
  • Tilda Melliot


A Quarter is usually the child of a Half and a human, or anyone with at least 25% but less than 50% sura blood. They physically resemble purebloods but age at half the speed. Unlike Halfs, they don't have clan or origin attributes, but their attributes are set at birth like humans, which allows them to use magic and move freely through checkpoints.

  • Agwen Rajof
  • Eiraheeari Catroshife
  • Ian Rajof
  • Laila Hemawati
  • Lutz Sairofe
  • Mirha Simon
  • Nard Lehn
  • Praul Ajes
  • Rad Orin
  • Ran Sairofe
    • Ran Sairofe joins Asha's group when she is in need of a water magician to travel between cities.
  • Riche Seiran
  • Ruche Seiran
    • Ruche is an obsessed fan of Asha. She dislike that Asha's companion is a female.
  • Saha On
  • Teo Rakan
  • Zard Blain

Superior sura[edit]

Superior suras include all nastikas, all rakshasas, and upanis 3rd stage or higher. With a few exceptions, all superior suras were confined to the sura realm by Visnu after the N0 Cataclysm.

Inferior sura[edit]

Inferior suras include 1st and 2nd stage upanis, and all maras. All inferior suras were left in the human realm after the Cataclysm, with the younger upanis having a greater difficulty surviving without the care of their parents.


Humans are the weakest and most numerous of the three races. They reside in the human realm and cannot set foot in the god or sura realm. They usually live scattered among villages, towns and cities, and take refuge in big towns in case of danger.

  • Airi Yui
  • Anna Haias
    • Leez’s mother.
  • Asha Rahiro
    • Asha Rahiro is a planet-wide famous human magician, who helps Kubera Leez in her quest. She is the last person Leez told her real name to before she changed it. She is the only magician on Willarv holding the (otherwise nonexistent) rank A++, having a whopping five digit number for the Holy Affinity test. With her boyish attire and bad attitude, she was often mistaken as a boy, even to Brilith whom she met in the year N11 in the Rindhallow Magician's Guild. Despite her apparent calm and self-confident exterior, Asha is quick to anger, particularly when people don't follow her orders or mistake her for a male. She's rarely seen smiling, and she rather prefers talking in an ironic or abrupt manner to others (especially Leez). She is often shown doing things with her left hand, like casting magic or writing, but the nature of her right hand remains a mystery. She is hiding a secret agenda.
  • Brilith Ruin
    • Brilith Ruin is a human, and the Priest of the Atera Fire (Agni's) Temple. She took over after her mother died. Brilith is considered a beautiful young woman. Her usual temple attire is a long sleeveless red dress, with some light red lace on the breasts. When appearing in public and during meetings with the temple magicians, Brilith is always seen smiling. The people of Atera think of her as their beloved queen, and Brilith behaves as one, without being arrogant or prideful. Brillith summoned the god Agni when she was a small child and he has remained her companion most of her life. Because she synchronized with the city's defense system too perfectly, other oracle candidates left for other cities and she became the only oracle in Atera. So when Gandharva attacked Atera and Agni used up most of her life, there was no other oracles who could re-activate the defense. She met Asha in the year N11 in the Rindhallow Magician's Guild.
  • Claude Yui
  • Eline Haias
  • Enan
  • Ernst Seiran
  • Haas Lehn
  • Huan Sairofe
  • Jibril Ajes
    • Brilith’s deceased mother.
  • Kaz Lehn
    • His first appearance was before the village's destruction.
  • Kubera Leez
    • Kubera Leez (alias Leez Haias) is the main protagonist. Kubera Leez appears as a teenage girl with green hair, green eyes, and yellow skin, all of which she inherited from her mother, Anna Haias. Kubera is quite spontaneous and is very strong. She has a strong sense of justice, but does not think before she acts. As a result, she has wandered off many times throughout her journey, much to the dismay of Asha. After her village was destroyed, she traveled with Asha. She believes everyone in her village died that day.
  • Lorraine Rartia
  • Meiwen Hael
  • Peil Sairofe
  • Rana Reimia
  • Rao Leez
  • Roen Renod
  • Siera Sies
  • Tan Sairofe


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