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Kubert Leung 梁翹柏 is a musician and Cantopop songwriter in Hong Kong. He is one of the pioneers of Cantopop bands who has set up Life Exhibition and Ukiyo-e 「浮世繪」, two important Hong Kong bands in 1980s. Later, Kubert Leung became a main songwriter for singer Candy Lo. He has also written songs for Faye Wong, Hacken Lee, Miriam Yeung, Anthony Wong, Bibi Zhou among others.

Recently, Kubert Leung became the band leader in TVB music programme Jade Solid Gold. He has also been the musical director of many Chinese singing competitions, most notably being the executive music director of I Am A Singer.

External links[edit]

Kubert Leung's official website: http://www.kubertleung.com/