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IndustryAircraft industry
FounderAleš Kubíček
HeadquartersBrno, Czech Republic
Area served
ProductsHot-air balloons
OwnerAleš Kubíček
Number of employees

Kubicek Balloons (in Czech Balóny Kubíček (pronounced Koo-bee-check), the complete official name BALÓNY KUBÍČEK spol. s r.o.) is a Czech manufacturer of hot-air balloons and airships, the sole such manufacturer in Central and Eastern Europe and one of the largest in the world. From its factory in Brno the company ships its products worldwide.


BALÓNY KUBÍČEK was founded in 1991 by Aleš Kubíček, the designer of first modern Czech hot-air balloon, made in 1983 in Aviatik club in Brno. Before founding his own company Aleš Kubíček made several balloons under wings of the company Aerotechnik Kunovice. Straight after the Velvet revolution, with plenty of experience of manufacturing balloons, he started his own private company to manufacture lighter-than-air aircraft.

Kubicek balloon


Kubicek Balloons is a limited company, mostly owned by the founder Aleš Kubíček. Its headquarters is on Francouzská 81 in Brno city centre, where balloons were originally made. But in 2005 their production moved to a completely new factory facility in Jarní 2a in Brno-Maloměřice, currently the most modern balloon factory in the World. The company has 30 employees (in 2008) and produces circa 90 balloons per year, making it the world’s 3rd largest manufacturer of hot air balloons.

As well as producing standard balloon envelopes in 47 types and sizes they also build baskets, burners and a plenty of man carrying specially shaped balloons for advertising purposes e.g. 38 metre tall flying bear, sea container DHL, St. Gallen cathedral and the green heart of Styria.

Kubicek Balloons holds quality certificates for design, production and maintenance meeting European standards of EASA and was it amongst the first hot-air balloon manufacturers to hold a European type certificate for hot-air balloons.

Kubicek balloons is the only European producer who uses the unique high-tenacity polyester balloon fabric for envelopes, and it is all manufactured ‘in house’ by its sister-company Textil Kubíček in Černá Hora near Brno.

Ballon production overview
1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
12 16 8 14 16 13 23 12 14 34 42 48 52 68 77 89 90*

* forecast

Fixed-wing aircraft[edit]

The company also produces the Kubicek M-2 Scout ultralight and light-sport aircraft, under the name Kubicek Aircraft.[1]


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