Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2

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Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles
Kubot poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Erik Matti
Produced by Jose Mari Abacan
Trina Dantes-Quema
Erik Matti
Screenplay by Michiko Yamamoto
Story by Erik Matti
Michiko Yamamoto
Starring Dingdong Dantes
Isabelle Daza
Joey Marquez
KC Montero
Lotlot de Leon
Music by Erwin Romulo
Cinematography Shing Fung Cheung
Edited by Vito Cajili
Distributed by GMA Films
Release date
  • December 25, 2014 (2014-12-25)
Running time
105 minutes
Country Philippines

Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2 is a 2014 Filipino action horror comedy adventure film co-written and directed by Erik Matti.It is the second installment of the Aswang Chronicles franchise and the sequel to the 2012 film Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles.

The film stars Dingdong Dantes reprising his role as Makoy, Joey Marquez as Nestor, along with the new cast members Isabelle Daza, Lotlot de Leon, KC Montero and Elizabeth Oropesa. It is an official entry to the 40th Metro Manila Film Festival and was released on December 25, 2014 in Philippine cinemas.[1]


After defeating the Tiktiks during the previous night in the town of Pulupandan, Makoy (Dingdong Dantes), with his wife Sonia, their newborn son Mackie, Sonia's father Nestor (Joey Marquez) and neighbor Pacing quickly takes the first bus trip to the next town. However, their bus is ambushed by Kubots (hairy bat-like creatures - a variation of aswang). The accident kills most of the passengers, while Makoy loses his right arm. The Kubots' leader, Veron (Elizabeth Oropesa), kills Sonia and takes Mackie in retribution for Makoy's actions in Pulupandan. Makoy and Nestor survive the ordeal.

Two years later, Makoy and Nestor work as mechanics in Manila and lives together with his older sister Nieves (Lotlot de Leon) and her daughter. Makoy also sports a prosthetic arm built by Stacey (Julie Anne San Jose) and Benjie (Abra), a couple of engineering students.

Nieves works as a secretary for a physician, Lex (Isabelle Daza), whom Nieves suspects of illegal medical practices. One night, she decides to eavesdrop on the doctor's after-office work, and finds her torturing a patient. In reality, she is investigating incidents where people are turning into aswangs. Lex's residence is attacked by aswangs during that night, resulting in the death of her family. Nieves and Lex escapes back to the former's house.

While there, Lex explains that she found out that tainted processed meat from Dom's Hotdogs are causing normal people to change into aswangs. They try to seek help from Makoy and Nestor, but they refuse to help Lex after it is revealed that she is an aswang herself. Nieves and Lex then return to the latter's house, where they are brought to the police station as part of the investigation regarding the murder of Lex's family.

Meanwhile, a council of elder aswangs (with one council member absent) summon Dominic (KC Montero), an aswang raised in a foreign country and owner of Dom's Hotdogs, to express their disapproval of Dom's actions. He reiterates the need to multiply their race, and offers a merger of the different aswang tribes. The councilmen reject the offer, after which Dom murders them all.

Back at the police station, aswangs attack with the intention of getting Lex. Makoy and Nestor arrive to help. As additional police arrive, Makoy and Lex escape while Nestor and Nieves are arrested, although they are able to prove that it was an aswang attack due to the capture of Tope (Jun Sabayton), a corrupt meat inspector who was turned into an aswang. Two of the policemen, Justiniani (Ramon Bautista) and Macapagal (Bogart the Explorer), torture Tope to get the location of the aswangs' hideout in the city.

As they make their escape, Lex explains that she and her tribe refrain from eating human flesh, although this makes them weaker than the ones that do eat humans. She also reveals that she has found a way to turn aswangs into humans, although there is only a certain window to make the process work. They are cornered by some people who are after them for bounty. Makoy and Lex are saved by Lex's tribemates although Makoy is shot. Lex treats his wound. Makoy is then asked by the tribe to leave, as an elder aswang, whom they asked for help in dealing with Dom, is scheduled to arrive. Makoy comes face-to-face with Veron, the elder leader of the Kubot. After a tense standoff, Veron lets Makoy free.

Makoy later arrives back at Nieves' house, and Nestor and Nieves tries to convince Makoy to help foil Dom's business. He still refuses to help due to his indifference to the aswangs' feud. He later changes his mind after finding out that a free concert sponsored by Dom's Hotdog is scheduled that night. Makoy, Nestor and Nieves plan to prevent the delivery of the free but harmful food. Makoy receives a new arm in preparation for battle.

Lex and Veron confront Dom regarding the missing council members. He admits to the murder, and captures the two.

Justiniani and Macapagal arrive at the Dom's Hotdogs warehouse but are captured.

Makoy, Nestor and Nieves also arrive and are also captured.

Justiniani and Macapagal are executed, but the rest of them are able to get free due to Makoy's efforts.

Nestor and Nieves stop the meat shipment, while Lex and Veron wipeout Dom's minions. Makoy defeats Dom.

After sometime, Veron makes her presence felt at Makoy's car repair shop. Makoy wasn't able to find her, and instead sees a boy at the spot where he heard her. As Nieves picks the boy up, Nestor finds a nametag on him that reads Mackie - revealing that Veron did not kill the boy but instead raised him.

Dom's death is mourned by his kin. His grieving mother is consoled by one of the attendees (Marian Rivera), who promises that his death will be avenged.



40th Metro Manila Film Festival


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