Kubota Station (Saga)

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Kubota Station
Coordinates 33°13′9″N 130°9′40″E / 33.21917°N 130.16111°E / 33.21917; 130.16111Coordinates: 33°13′9″N 130°9′40″E / 33.21917°N 130.16111°E / 33.21917; 130.16111
Line(s) Nagasaki Main Line
Karatsu Line
Platforms 1 side platform
1 island platform
Tracks 3
Opened October 10, 1896 (1896-10-10)

Kubota Station (久保田駅?, Kubota-eki) is a railway station in Saga, Saga Prefecture. It is operated by JR Kyushu.



It is an above ground station with three tracks, two platforms (one side platform, one island platform) and a foot bridge connecting them. It is an unmanned station with a ticket machine and a bathroom. There is a stone monument in front of the station which claims that Kubota Station opened on October 10, 1896.


In front of the station are various shops. To the north of the station are fields. To the south of the station are many businesses and residences.

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