Kubrick the Dog

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Kubrick the Dog
Kubrick the Dog.jpg
AuthorSean Ellis
PublisherSchirmer Books
Publication date
February 28, 2011
Media typePrint
Pages148 pages

Kubrick the Dog is a 2011 non-fiction photography book by British director Sean Ellis.[1] The book was released on February 28, 2011 through Schirmer Books and focuses on the life of Ellis's dog Kubrick. Kubrick the Dog features several photos of Kubrick, a Hungarian Vizsla that Ellis adopted as a puppy in 1998, in several poses and with different people such as Stella McCartney.[2]

Ellis began working on the book in 2010 after Kubrick's death by canine lymphoma as a way of working through his grief over the dog's death.[3]


Critical reception for the book was mostly positive.[4][5] Basler Zeitung gave an overall positive review, stating that although some of the photographs felt a little deliberate, the book was also stirring.[6]


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