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Kubrilesque:Or a Musical Parody with a Tease is a burlesque rock musical set in the late 1990s. The music is by Al Mack with lyrics and book by Crystal Swarovski . The story is a conspiracy of a man making a film about the most elite Cult in the world, and the concept is parody of the characters in the films of Stanley Kubrick. The musical is based on the Burlesque show of the same name, conceived by Crystal Swarovski and Polly Peabody and The Cherry Kiss Burlesque Troupe.

Kubrilesque was workshopped between 2005 - 2008 in Hollywood Ca, USA. and had its first full production at Fais do in 2008. Crystal Swarovski choreographed the original production, and The Cherry Kiss Burlesque style strongly identifies the show. As of February 2, 2010, it has played 26 performances, on two European tours and in Los Angeles USA.


The musical Kubrilesque : Or a Musical Parody with a Tease is based on a burlesque show of the same name. The characters are parodies of the characters in the films of Stanley Kubrick. Kubrilesque began in California in 2005 with neo-burlesque dancers Crystal Swarovski and Polly Peabody and the Troupe Cherry Kiss Burlesque. Cherry Kiss Burlesque began performing together in the Hollywood Nightclub and cabaret scene with small burlesque themed shows such as “Chicks in Space” and “Jungle Exotica”. Crystal Swarovski and Polly Peabody decided to work on something bigger and more original and they came up with the idea of a Stanley Kubrick parody themed show. The show was first workshopped as a parody of Clockwork Orange that involved tap dancing statues and Droogs. In spring of 2008 ‘Kubrilesque’ was run as a burlesque revue for a two-night run with The Poubelle Twins joining the cast as a parody of The Grady Twins from the film The Shining and dancer Scarlett Letter was featured in a group fan dance done as an Eye’s Wide Shut parody. The show also featured a parody of 2001:Space Odyssey with burlesque ballerinas stripping out of monkey suits performing a mock water ballet. With all three new additions the show began to form what Kubrilesque is today.

After much work in summer of 2008 Kubrilesque made its way to England, the Netherlands and Estonia. The tour ended in Estonia, where Kubrilesque was the first burlesque show to ever perform; the press referred to it as a sex parody show. In 2009 after another year of preparing, Kubrilesque had a larger and fuller cast with a more prominently developed stage show. The Kubrilesque cast went back to Europe to perform in Prague, Germany and the Netherlands. The tour had amazing reviews and sold the most tickets at The Prague Fringe Festival. In 2010 Kubrilesque returned to its hometown for another performance with many new additions it had begun to develop a cult following due to the nature of Kubrick’s films and the modern burlesque revival.

Plot synopsis[edit]

Kubrilesque is a Rock Burlesque Musical. The plot is an original story about a filmmaker who decides to make a movie that will unveil some of the secrets behind one of the most famous mysterious cults. The story is told through a series of Rock musical numbers, and with characters that will chronologically parody some of Stanley Kubrick’s most famous films.

Musical numbers[edit]

  • "Daggars" – A parody of the ballet number from Killers Kiss. Music by Al Mack. Lyrics by Crystal Swarovski and Al Mack sung by the character Shelly.
  • "Alley Cats Roar" - A swing band styled parody of the prostitutes in Full Metal Jacket Music and Lyrics by Crystal Swarovski
  • "Organs and Bells" - A Sally Rand Fan dance, with a large cast of dancers hardly dressed and wearing masks. A parody of Eye’s Wide Shut Music by Al Mack. Lyrics by Crystal Swarovski and Al Mack sung by the character Shelly and the chorus girls.


  • Fais do do Hollywood USA 3/14/2008
  • Fais do do Hollywood USA 4/11/2008
  • The Independent Sunderland UK 06/27/2008
  • The George Tavern London UK 06/28/2008
  • Comedy Theater Amsterdam NL 07/04/2008
  • Boudoir Bizarre Amsterdam NL 07/05/2008
  • Von Krahl Tallinn, Estonia 07/10/2008
  • Monday Night Tease Hollywood, USA 04/13/2009
  • Prague Fringe Festival Prague CZ 5/22/2009 – 5/30/2009
  • The Speakeasy Berlin GR 07/04/2009
  • Queen Calvera Hamburg GR 07/05/2009, 07/06/2009
  • Amsterdam Clinic Weekend Amsterdam NL 07/13/2009
  • The Batcave Hollywood USA 02/20/2010

Films parodied[edit]

Characters from each of these films are chronologically parodied throughout the Musical Kubrilesque: Or a Burlesque Parody with a Tease.

Past and Current Cast Members[edit]

Sarah Anderson, Akira, Christopher Inlow, Diamondback Annie, Asa, Jazz Baby, Olivia Bellafontaine, Belle M. Boudelaire, Biloxi Brown, Jessica Brusilow, Hellion Childs, Lux La Croix, Dolly Danger, Jewel of Denial, Tabitha Durham, Extreme Elvis, Vanity Flair, Judith Flex, Jessica Von Fuhr, The Armenian Goddess, Pussy Galore, FoxTrot India, Jaleesa, Ms. Hula la, Dolce de Leche, Scarlett Letter, Stoli Minx, Tisha Hula-hoop nation, Scot Nery, Honey Holiday, Polly Peabody, Bibi Poubelle, Fifi Poubelle, Questa, Gary Shapiro, Nancy SinUltra, Red Snapper, Lilly Soleil, Crystal Swarovski, Violet Valentine, Dizzy Von Damn!, Lili VonSchtupp, Andy Wolf, Christopher Wonder

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