Qubur Bani Isra'il

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Qubur Bani Isra'il
Colored photograph showing a rectangular stone structure
Qubur Bani Isra'il is located in the West Bank
Qubur Bani Isra'il
Shown within the West Bank
Location West Bank
Coordinates 31°50′32″N 35°16′08″E / 31.842250°N 35.268950°E / 31.842250; 35.268950
Type tomb
Material local stone

Qubur Bani Isra'il (trans. "Tombs of the Children of Israel"), are huge stone structures which rise from a rocky plateau overlooking Wadi Qelt, about 3.5 miles northeast of Jerusalem along Highway 437 near Pisgat Zeev. Clermont-Ganneau, followed by Macalister, identified the site with the tomb of the biblical matriarch Rachel.[1]


The megaliths, measuring 50 by 10 feet (15.2 by 3.0 m), form rectangular walled structures, two or three rows of whose gigantic, rough-hewn stones are still carefully in place. There were originally five, but one was demolished to make way for the Ramallah bypass road erected in the late 1980s.[2]


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