Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi.jpg
GenreSoap opera
Created byDurjoy Datta
Written byDurjoy Datta
Directed byDurjoy Datta
Creative directorDurjoy Datta
Theme music composerDurjoy Datta
ComposerDurjoy Datta
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes414
ProducerDurjoy Datta
CinematographyDurjoy Datta
EditorDurjoy Datta
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running timeApprox. 25 minutes
Production companies
Original networkSony Entertainment Television
Picture format
Original release29 February 2016 (2016-02-29) –
2 November 2017 (2017-11-02)
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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi (transl. Some colors of love are like this too) is an Indian romantic drama television series which aired on Sony TV from 29 February 2016 to 2 November 2017.[1] It starred Shaheer Sheikh, Erica Fernandes and Supriya Pilgaonkar.[2]

The series is a realistic take on the romantic relationship between Dev and Sonakshi. The show mainly revolves around their love story and its impact on the unique, close bond between Dev and his mother, while exploring other family relationships.[3]

In January 2017, a seven-year leap was introduced.[4] Dev was shown to have transformed into a self-loving and carefree man, while Sonakshi had become a mature businesswoman and a single mother.[5]

The show originally ended on 24 August 2017. But in August 2017, the channel announced that the series would air extra episodes of Dev and Sonakshi's bonding with their newborn in September 2017.[6]


Season 1[edit]

The story begins with Devrath Dixit (Dev), the owner of Ishwari Interprises, welcoming his mother to their new house, along with his three younger sisters, Neha, Riya and Nikki, forgetting their disturbed past. A small flashback is seen, where Dev's father had died and they were poor, but Ishwari worked as a house maid, in order to provide a good education to his only son, leading to a young Neha to quit her studies and look after Riya and Nikki. On the other hand, Sonakshi Bose, is a middle-class young girl who serves as the best nutritionist in the hospital where she works. She lives with her mother Asha, her father Bijoy, her brother Saurabh and her paternal grandmother

On the night of Neha's engagement with Sameer, his mother comes across her daughter Saloni's feelings towards Dev and confesses her desires to form an alliance of Dev and Saloni too to Radharani, which Ishwari accidently overhears. When Ishwari declines to make Saloni Dev's wife to Radharani, Sameer's mother overhears the conversation and begins to insult Neha in front of everyone. Ishwari then gets to know that Neha had placed two conditions that after marriage, she wanted to live with Sameer in another house and won't ever become a mother. Only Sameer, his family and Dev were aware of it. She calls of the marriage and leaves Neha devastated. The next morning, Neha blames her mother for snatching her childhood and for ending the marriage. Hearing this, Ishwari falls unconscious.

When Dev visits the doctor, he finds out that his mother's health condition keeps on getting deteriorated due to her unhealthy eating habits. Hearing this, Dev immediately gets Sonakshi fired from her job so that she could serve as his mother's personal nutritionist. He even offers to provide her more salary then her previous job. After much dismay, Sonakshi agrees.

Sonakshi eventually forms great bonding with Ishwari but remains loggerheads with her boss, Mr.Dixit. She even blamed him for calling off her marriage with Kushal, for forming a fake marriage profile for her in a website and even breaking her phone. After Sonakshi faces an accident, she falls in love with Dev because he had saved her life. But Dev's engagement gets fixed with Natasha. Later Dev realizes his love for Sonakshi,breaks alliance with Natasha and confesses his feelings to Sonakshi. They start dating secretly. Eventually, during that time, Neha also falls for Ranveer, her English teacher and marries him. Also during this time, Vicky starts to be loyal with Elena so as to take revenge from her but later, truly starts developing feelings for her and she begins to love him too.

Ishwari on knowing their relationship, tries her best to accept Sonakshi for Dev but couldn't digest Dev giving importance to another woman in his life. Ishwari, worrying constantly about having to share Dev with Sona, consumes a bottle of sleeping pills which leads to her getting admitted into a hospital. Seeing Ishwari’s discomfort with Sona, Dev ends his relationship with Sona.

A heartbroken Sonakshi decides to move on from Dev. Seeing her parents anxiety and worry for her future, she agrees to a marriage with a guy named Ritwik whose proposal was secretly arranged by Ishwari hoping to remove her presence from dev's life forever. However Dev starts stalking her as he couldn't forget his first love. He turns up at her engagement and creates a scene while he is drunk where Sonakshi saves him. Ritwik gets moved seeing their love for each other, stops the engagement.

Finally Ishwari on seeing Dev's pathetic condition, decides to accept Sonakshi for dev's happiness and convinces Bose family. Sonakshi and Dev get married. After a few days of Dev and Sonakshi's marriage, Neha returns to her house back and leaves Ranveer's house because Ranveer always kept thinking about his family and never made any time for her. She files for a divorce and Sonakshi tries to stop her, and eventually, even Ranveer files a case of mental harrassment against Neha, stating that she wanted to separate Ranveer from her family.

As time flies, Sonakshi gets very disturbed seeing Dev being dependent on his mother for everything. She shouts at him while Ishwari overhears that she called him "Mumma's boy". While during that time, Ishwari also gets really insecure when Dev calls Sonakshi's mother 'Maa" and starts being friendly with her. Seeing this, Dev accidently calls him aunty and even apologized later.

Another time, Ishwari decided to form an alliance for her daughter Riya and Ayaan, but Sonakshi is reluctant, even resulting in an insult in front of his family. She finds Ayaan very close to his cousin Khushi, which in turn, is his love interest. She creates a fake account and texts Khushi to find out the truth. Also during this time, Vicky and Elena get married secretly. One day due to a misunderstanding Ishwari assumes Sonakshi to be pregnant. Everyone is excited while Dev is in a state of shock as he knew Sonakshi can't conceive from a medical report before their marriage, which he hid from everyone to prevent the marriage break. Ishwari now starts taking great care of Sonakshi. Seeing their bonding, Dev doesn't reveal that Sonakshi can't be pregnant. Sonakshi also proves the family members that Ayaan indeed is a playboy who loves Khushi and was marrying Riya only for money. Ishwari calls off the wedding. When Sonakshi finds out she wasn't pregnant, she blames Dev for hiding and Ishwari assumes that Sonakshi betrayed her by not telling the truth, only after finding out that it was Dev infact who hid it from her. Sonakshi agrees to undergo treatment for her pregnancy complications. Ishwari takes Dev and Sonakshi to gynaecologist. On doctor's advice, Ishwari sends Dev and Sona for a trip to Shimla to ease off their mental stress. They spend some happy moments together.

On their return from Shimla, they find Dixits and Boses fighting over an investment that Dev made in Sonakshi's brother's business. The matter gets heated where dev's Mami uses derogatory words for Bijoy and insulting bose family. Ishwari defends Mami accusing them of being unfair in accepting dev's money.Bijoy starts shouting at ishwari, Dev turns to stop him accidentally slapping bijoy.Feeling humiliated, bijoy leaves dixit house.Sonakshi goes to Bose house to support her family, decides to mortgage her house to return the money for her family respect. When she returns the money, Ishwari accuses Sonakshi of insulting her by returning it. Dev argues with sona in front of Ishwari, pushes her and she falls over Ishwari accidentally. Angry Dev asks Sona to get out and go away. Sona leaves.

Heartbroken Dev goes to his farmhouse where Vicky gets him drunk and takes advantage of him being drunk to get his signatures on Bose House Eviction papers and takes his phone away. Vicky arrives with police at the Bose house, telling them to vacatate it. Sonakshi doesn't believe in Vicky, calls Dev which goes unanswered making her believe Dev is responsible. Meanwhile Ishwari hands over the prenup papers to Dev which she had got signed from him by deceiving him and asks him to choose between family and Sonakshi. Dev decides to choose Sonakshi and asks Vicky to throw away the Prenup papers.

When Sonakshi goes to the farmhouse, Vicky givs her the prenup papers. Sonakshi gets deeply hurt over prenup papers . Dev tells her eviction notice was a mistake, when questioned about prenup,he asks her to forget it,he neither gives a proper explanation nor mentions ishwari's manipulation. Sonakshi is heartbroken on seeing dev's lack of trust in her over prenup and also him hurting her family,refuses to live with him again.Dev breaks down. end up accusing sona in turn for their breakup,even dragging her infertility issues to get even with her in his anger. After a bitter exchange of words, Sonakshi throws her mangalsutra into fire and breaks the marriage.

Seven years later[edit]

Sonakshi has become a successful businesswoman and lives in Kolkata, with her family and daughter Suhana. Dev has become a vagabond and Casanova, ignores Ishwari and others in the family

Sonakshi shifts to Delhi for business and accidentally buys a portion of dev's office. Sonakshi keeps on hiding Suhana from Dev as she fears Dev may take away her only reason to live if he knew.

Suhana and Golu(Vicky's son) study in the same school. Dev meets Suhana at school. One day, he finds out that she is his daughter. Just for Suhana's sake, Dev and Sonakshi decide to live at each other's house alternate weeks. First week, Dev arrives at the Bose House. Eventually Dev tells Asha indirectly how much he missed Sonakshi during his past 7 years and always thought what she must be doing. Asha begins to feel that Dev still loves Sonakshi, though he remains loggerheads with Bijoy and Sonakshi.

The Bose Family meets Ronita and her family and decide to form an alliance for Ronita and Saurabh. But later, Ronita's mother tries to break the relationship by stealing her own daughter's jewelry because she fears that Ronita will never be accepted as their daughter if Sonakshi also stays in the same house. Dev and Asha find out about her plan, while Dev takes the blame of the theft on himself, while Suhana and Sonakshi find out the truth.

After the wedding, Sonakshi and Suhana come to Dev's house, and Suhana gets chickenpox, and has to stay away from Suhana for a few days. During this stay, Sonakshi meets Khatri, the evil former neighbor of Ishwari who blackmails her to receive money. Ishwari truly accepts Sonakshi and start trusting her when she gets to know that Sonakshi was actually helping Dev to get Ishwari rid of her long term blackmailer, Khatri. Dev and Sona had planned this together and very soon, get Khatri arrested, providing comfort to Ms. Malti (Ishwari's boss) and Kajal (her daughter).

Ishwari plans with Asha to get Dev married to Sonakshi. They find a girl Nisha, who was supposed to marry Dev. On the engagement night, Dev confesses his love for Sona while Nisha calls off the marriage, revealing that she can't marry the person who still cares about his ex-wife and fears that he might even leave her one day for his ex-wife. Finally Sonakshi proposes Dev and they reunite. Sonakshi returns to Dixit house, even though Vicky and Radharani are still against her.

Meanwhile, Sonakshi finds out that since the last 7 years, Dev's 3 sisters left the house one by one, as they were really angry with Dev. He hadn't attended Riya and Neha's wedding and didn't even return back or talk to them. She first finds Nikki, who lives with her live-in boyfriend Laksh (an app developer) for the past two years. Though Dev manages to get Riya and Neha back to their house, who are now happily married, Nikki always refuses because of her fears of Ishwari abandoning her. Meanwhile, Asha finally completes the book that she worked in since years and it gets published. Seeing this, even Ishwari desires of doing a job, much to Dev's dismay. Coincidently, she becomes an intern in Laksh's company NIL and win's everyone's heart, and also becomes popular by the name of Intern Aunty. But, after finding out that Laksh is infact Nikki's boyfriend, she quits her job. After sometime, she approves her and Laksh's relationship and even joins back her office.

Dev slowly starts becoming over possessive and stalks Sonakshi in her office hours, disturbing her. He even refuses to send her to office and tries to convert a small portion of their house into her office cabin, leading to arguments between her and Dev. Meanwhile, Vicky, along with Thakkar, plans to steal a software that Dev and his company were recently working on. Sonakshi and Elena gets to know that it was actually Vicky who plotted to separate Dev and Sonakshi. Though they keep it as a secret to save the family from falling apart, Dev soon finds the truth from Elena and also confront his family about Vicky deceiving him in his office. He throws Vicky out of his house. Vicky then finds a job as a Restaurant Manager. Elena supports this decision until Dev slaps Vicky and she too leaves the house along with Golu. Sonakshi goes to meet Vicky and Elena, as she feels Suhana was getting upset with Vicky and Golu who were her best friends moving away, which leads to arguments between Dev and Sonakshi. Sonakshi believes that Vicky has changed as Elena informs her while Dev disagrees.

It's Suhana's birthday, where it is revealed about Vicky was manipulating Suhana in order to complete his revenge. But Dev hands over the company to Vicky as a return gift of Suhana's birthday, and this brings a change in Vicky's heart. Sonakshi apologizes to Dev for not trusting his judgment of Vicky.

Sonakshi reveals that she is pregnant. Dev is very happy. But he wants Sonakshi to terminate pregnancy when he learns of complications involved but she decides to go ahead. Even Ronita gets pregnant.

Later, Sonakshi gives birth to a healthy baby boy named Shubh while Ronita gives birth to a healthy baby girl named Shonita (Mishti).

Meanwhile, Vicky comes back and apologizes for all his misdeeds and season 1 ends on a happy note, with the entire family union.

Season 2[edit]

After 5 months of Shubh's birth, Dev and Sona are handling their lives with 2 children and the entire family, while Saurabh and Ronita enjoy with their daughter Mishti. Sonakshi wishes to join back her office, because of an important project, but Ishwari is reluctant. On the first day of Sonakshi's join after her maternity leave, Shubh keeps on crying continuously while Suhana gets sick and has a stomach infection.

Upon seeing that her kids need her, Sonakshi decides to take some time off from her job but Dev decides to quit his job and take care of the kids while Sonakshi is in her office. He gives the office responsibility to Vicky. Ishwari and Asha always try to explain Sonakshi, but Dev tells her to avoid it. He asks for 1 month for taking care of the children, if he fails within a month, then he will start working and Sonakshi will become a housewife.

Meanwhile, Ronita's mother starts to live with the Bose Family to teach Saurabh and Ronita the perfect parenting methods, after they had unknowingly left Mishti at a restaurant. Also, Suhana and Golu become victims of a horrifying game due to which Golu stole his phone from Dev, stole 4000 Rupees from Vicky, Cheated in exams and even completed dangerous tasks. Also, Dev begins to protest along with some parents for a change in the Education Pattern of Suhana and Golu's school, while Sonakshi receives best Businesswoman of the Year award.

After few months, Dev becomes an RJ of an Radio Show, in which he takes Shubh along with him. The whole family celebrates his success while the show ends with Shubh saying Papa and Maa for the first time.



  • Shaheer Sheikh as Devrath "Dev" Dixit: Ishwari and Pankaj's son; Nikki, Riya and Neha's brother; Sonakshi's husband; Soha and Shubh's father
  • Erica Fernandes as Dr. Sonakshi Bose / Dr. Sonakshi Dev Dixit, "Sona": Asha and Bijoy's daughter, Saurabh's sister, Elina's cousin sister, Dev's wife, Soha and Shubh's mother
  • Supriya Pilgaonkar as Ishwari Tripathi Dixit: Baldev's sister; Pankaj's widowed wife; Dev, Nikki, Riya and Neha's mother; Soha and Shubh's paternal grandmother


  • Jagat Rawat as Bijoy Bose: Uma's son; Asha's husband; Saurabh and Sonakshi's father; Soha and Shubh's maternal grandfather
  • Moon Banerrjee as Asha Bose: Bijoy's wife; Saurabh and Sonakshi's mother; Soha and Shubh's maternal grandmother
  • Alpesh Dhakan as Saurabh Bose: Asha and Bijoy's son; Sonakshi's brother; Ronita's husband
  • Mushtaq Khan as Baldev Tripathi: Ishwari's brother; Radharani's husband; Vicky's father
  • Vaibhav Singh as Vikram "Vicky" Tripathi: Radharani and Baldev's son; Dev, Nikki, Riya and Neha's cousin; Elena's husband; Golu's father
  • Khushbu Thakkar as Ronita Mandal: Tara and Shankar's daughter; Saurabh's wife, Misti's mother
  • Vishesh Bansal as Young Dev Dixit
  • Hemant Choudhary as Dr. Jaideep Sinha: Sonakshi's former boss
  • Jay Soni as Dr. Ritwick Sen: Naveen's son; Sonakshi's former fiancé
  • Pankaj Kalra as Naveen Sen: Ritwick's father
  • Roop Durgapal as Natasha Gujral: Harish's daughter; Dev's former fiancée
  • Pawan Chopra as Harish Gujral: Natasha's father
  • Karmveer Choudhary as Brijesh Khatri: Ishwari's colleague and blackmailer
  • Ankit Gupta as Jatin Roy: Sonakshi's childhood friend and business partner
  • Anju Jadhav/Ekroop Bedi as Tina Singhal: Dev's secretary
  • Mohit Sinha as Bunty Makhija: Dev's friend
  • Ashiesh Roy as Shankar Mandal: Tara's husband; Ronita's father
  • Asma Badar as Nisha: Dev's former fiancé


Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 388 29 February 2016 24 August 2017
2 56 25 September 2017[6][7] 2 November 2017


After successful completion of one year of the TV series, Yash Patnaik, Chairman and Managing Director of Beyond Dreams Entertainment known for showcasing "simple yet strong story telling" shows stated that he is happy as viewers quickly accepted the "experiment with conviction". He praised the lead actors and went on to say "Shaheer and Erica have excelled as Dev and Sonakshi. As actors both have grown tremendously with this show. Their understanding of character or premise has been outstanding. That's why their chemistry is looking like magic." He further said that the positive way of showing the "simplicity clubbed with beauty" along with a slight gambling with characters, plots and story telling paid off in the end. Thanking Sony TV's management for giving the show one-year extension, he said the credit goes to his wife, Mamta Yash A Patnaik, Producer, Chief Creative Director of Entertainment and co-founder of Beyond Dreams Entertainment for being the actual person behind the show's success.[8]


Shaheer Sheikh was chosen to play one of the show's leads.[9] He is returning to Indian television after a hiatus of two years. Veteran actress Supriya Pilgaonkar was chosen to play the role of Shaheer's mother.[10] Actress Erica Fernandes was finalized for the other lead spot.[11] She is making her television debut with the show.



The series overall had a very low television viewership, but had a very good viewership in online.[12]

Season 1[edit]

When the series' viewership dropped to a ratings point of 0.4, the series was cancelled by the channel.[13]

Season 2[edit]

Its viewership rating point was just 0.2 in week 39 of 2017.[14]


Season 1[edit]

The Times of India stated, "While the plot of the show is hackneyed and perhaps the weakest link, innovation in the other departments makes KRPKAB a watchable show. The sets and costumes are all in cool, soothing colours and the cinematography is particularly noteworthy. The creative and technical team forsake dramatic angles, dizzying trolley shots and pounding background music for a much more subtle and realistic treatment of the script, keeping the focus on character development and the performances of its actors. KRPKAB balances the male and female point of view, allowing the man to do more than wear a suit and make his millions."[15]

For the series taking a seven years leap after lead characters Dev and Sonakshi part away, India Today stated, "Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi was a show that was loved for its fresh treatment, but unfortunately it took the cliched way and thus lost its soul."[16]

Season 2[edit]

The Times of India appreciated the series as, "The show touches upon a lot of issues that are relevant today. It breaks gender stereotypes as Dev looks after the babies and doesn't restrict Sona to household work. The dialogues used in the show are more real and relatable, specially the romantic ones between Dev and Sona. The characters including Ishwari's are not overdramatic."[17]

India Today initially stated brining a new season as a bad idea as they felt stretching the story unnecessary.[18] After its premiere they stated, "Basically, the show is off to a good start. And of course, Dev and Sona's little son Shubh is a delight to watch, because he is too damn adorable. There, that is the truth. Shubh rules, and so does the storyline. So far, so good."[19]


Soundtrack of the show were composed by Adil-Prasant. Songs were sung by Subhajit Mukherjee and Arpita Mukherjee. On 10 February 2017 the channel released a compilation of show's romantic songs on YouTube as Valentine's Day special.[20] "Tu Mujhme Mujhse Zyaada Hai (Duet)" is one of the "Most Romantic Hindi Title Songs" among the shows telecasted by the channel.[21]

1."Ye Lamhe Hazar Se"3:17[22]
2."Rang Rahi Hoon Ye Kaise Rang Mein"1:33[23]
3."Pagle Se Din Meri Badli Se Raatein (Duet)"4:26[24]
4."Pagle Se Din Meri Badli Se Raatein (Female)"2:08[25]
5."Tu Mujhme Mujhse Zyaada Hai (Male)"2:10[26]
6."Tu Mujhme Mujhse Zyaada Hai (Female)"2:27[27]
7."Tu Mujhme Mujhse Zyaada Hai (Duet)"4:04[28]
8."Kismat Ke Likhe Khel Kisne Dekhe"3:08[29]
9."Kyun Is Dafa Tu Mujhse Yun Khafa Hai"2:00[30]
10."Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam" (Recreated by music directors Adil-Prashant)N/A[31]
11."todi si teri zimmedari"3:05[32]


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi has been dubbed in Tamil as Ini Ellam Vasanthame (Hereafter Only Spring) and broadcast on Polimer TV, and in Telugu as Amma Nenu O Ammayi (Mom, Me & One Girl) and broadcast on Gemini TV.[33] It is also dubbed in Malayalam as Pranayavarnangal (Colours Of Love) and was aired on Kairali TV. Internationally, the show airs on MBC Bollywood, dubbed in Arabic as وجوه الحب (The Faces of Love), while in Mayotte the series is broadcast on Mayotte la 1ère as Couleurs d'Amour (Colours of Love).[34] Due to Sheikh's popularity in Indonesia, the show has also been dubbed in Bahasa as Dev & Sona and airs on ANTV.[35]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominee Result Ref
2016 Gold Awards Best Female Debut Erica Fernandes Nominated [36]
Best Supporting Actress Supriya Pilgaonkar Nominated
Best Onscreen Jodi Shaheer Sheikh and Erica Fernandes Nominated
Best Television Show Inspire Films Nominated
Asiavision Awards Star Of The Year Shaheer Sheikh Won [37]
Asian Viewers Television Awards Soap of the Year Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Won [38]
Female Actor of the Year Erica Fernandes Won [38]
Male Actor of the Year Shaheer Sheikh Nominated [38]
Indian Television Academy Awards Best Actor (Popular) Nominated
Best Actress in a Negative Role Alka Mogha Nominated
2017 Lions Gold Awards Best Onscreen Couple Shaheer Sheikh and Erica Fernandes Won [39]
India News Awards Best Jodi Won [40]
Indian Television Academy Awards Best Supporting Actress Supriya Pilgaonkar Nominated
2018 Best Actor - Drama Shaheer Sheikh Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Supriya Pilgaonkar Nominated
Asian Viewers Television Awards Female Actor Of The Year Erica Fernandes Nominated

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