Kuchurgan power station

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Kuchurgan power station
Молдавская ГРЭС 2015 - Донор.JPG
Official nameMoldavskaya GRES
LocationDnestrovsc, Transnistria
Coordinates46°38′3″N 29°56′20″E / 46.63417°N 29.93889°E / 46.63417; 29.93889Coordinates: 46°38′3″N 29°56′20″E / 46.63417°N 29.93889°E / 46.63417; 29.93889
Commission date26 September 1964 (26 September 1964)
Owner(s)Inter RAO
Thermal power station
Primary fuelNatural gas, fuel oil, coal
Power generation
Units operational12
Nameplate capacity2,520 MW
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Kuchurgan power station (Romanian: Termocentrala de la Cuciurgan, Russian: Молдавская ГРЭС, romanizedMoldavskaya GRES) is the largest power station of Moldova, located in Dnestrovsc, Transnistria, on the shores of Lake Cuciurgani bordering Ukraine. It was commissioned on 26 September 1964 and produces about 83% of Moldova's electricity.

Technical features[edit]

The power stations has installed capacity of 2,520 MW. It is fueled by natural gas, fuel oil and coal.[1] In November 2008, Inter RAO UES and Moldelectrica signed an agreement to separate some power units in the power station from the IPS/UPS system and synchronize them with the synchronous grid of Continental Europe in Romania through the 400 kV KuchurganVulcăneşti and Vulcăneşti–Isaccea transmission lines.[2]


The power station is operated by Moldavskaya GRES, a subsidiary of Inter RAO UES. It is the largest power company in an area comprising Moldova and southern Ukraine. The company exports power to Ukraine, Romania and Russia. It was privatized in 2004 by Transnistrian authorities, but official Moldova does not recognize this privatization.[3]


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