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Origin Broome, Western Australia, Australia
Years active 1981–1982
Associated acts Jimmy Chi, Scrap Metal, The Pigram Brothers
Past members Jimmy Chi
Stephen Pigram
Mick Manolis
Garry Gower
Patrick Bin Amat

Kuckles (Broome kriol for cockles[1]) is an Australian band. They formed in 1981 by students from Broome, Western Australia studying at the Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music in Adelaide. Their music moved from acoustic calypso toward an electric reggae/rock style.[2] They recorded an audition tape, Milliya Rumarra, which won them a trip to Germany to the Third Annual International Cologne Song Festival in 1982.[3] They returned to Broome in 1982 and disbanded.[2]

Kuckles songs later appeared in Chi's musicals Bran Nue Dae and Corrugation Road with Kuckles appearing as part of the music.

Chi and Manolis later played were part of a new band called Bingurr which is moonlight in Bardi. Pigram played with Scrap Metal and The Pigram Brothers.



  • Milliya Rumarra: Brand New Day (1981) – Imparja
  • Songs from Bran Nue Dae (1990) – Bran Nue Dae Productions

Jimmy Chi and Kuckles

  • Bran Nue Dae: Original cast recording (1993) – Polygram

Jimmy Chi, Pigram Brothers and Kuckles

  • Corrugation Road (1996) – Angoorrabin Records


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