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Location Map of Kudat Division.

Kudat Division is an administrative division in the state of Sabah, Malaysia. It occupies the northern tip of Sabah. Its total area of 4,623 square kilometres (6.3% of Sabah's total territory) makes it the smallest of the five divisions of Sabah.

The division covers the districts of Kudat, Pitas and Kota Marudu, as well as the islands of Balak, Balambangan, Banggi, Bankawan, Guhuan Utara (North Guhuan), Kalampunian and Malawali.

As of 2010, the division had 186,516 inhabitants, making up approximately 6% of Sabah's total population.

Kudat is the largest town and main transport hub within the division. Commodities are transported to the division via the town's port, and its airport is the only one in the division.


Kudat Division is subdivided into the following administrative districts:

  • Kota Marudu (1,917 km2; population: 65,807)
  • Kudat (1,287 km2; population: 83,123)
  • Pitas (1,419 km2; population: 37,586)

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